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Sep 15, 2020
Dorm Bedding

For first-year students, there is a lot to do before the fateful first day of college. Registering for classes. Buying books. (Realizing how absurdly expensive college-level texts are.) Reaching out to your roommate or roommates for the first time. The specific details of every pre-college experience going into the school year are going to be different, but one thing all students will have to do is find the basics to furnish their dorm rooms. And the first thing on everyone’s list is a nice set of bedding in that uniquely collegiate twin XL size.

6 Matching Dorm Bedding Sets That’ll Make Your Roommate Jealous

With all of the planning and stressors that come prior to move-in day, worrying over finding separate pieces of beddings that all match becomes somewhat of an unnecessary consideration to agonize over. Searching for the perfect comforter may be fun, but once you have to then find sheets and additional bedding to match, the entire ordeal becomes a pain. To alleviate any extraneous concerns, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite matching bedding sets for your dorm room — all that’s left for you to do is pick which one suits you the best and order it! 

Geometric and Minimalist Comforters and Duvets to Obsess Over

In the past few years, minimalist and geometric patterns have exploded in the design scene — bring this trend to your room with these fantastic bedding sets.

If you’re someone who has a thing for clean lines and sharp designs, then you might want to look for a cool geometric pattern for your bedding. The look is super in right now, and although it may look like the simple yet intricate designs are difficult to pair with other items, the basic use of colors allows you to pair it with almost anything to your liking. And lucky for you: these sets all come with matching sets of bedding, so the work’s already been done for you!

Holli Zollinger Marais Bed In A Bag
This funky geometric pattern isn’t overwhelming and will be a stunning centerpiece in a sleek dorm room. Image courtesy of OCM.

Holli Zollinger Marais Bed In A Bag — $179.95

This all-in-one duvet set is one of the cleanest bedding sets out there, with a pattern that is fun yet minimalist enough to satisfy anyone who has a thing for Scandanavian design and decor. While the prospect of a duvet may throw you off at first, there are plenty of upsides to the bedding option, namely that it is easier to clean and care for then a classic comforter (and will probably last longer too).

If you need even another reason to buy this trendy duvet, the set comes in a matching tote bag that can double as a reusable bag for day trips, groceries, and even a stop at your school’s bookstore! You can’t go wrong with this bed in a bag.

Buy the Holli Zollinger Marais Bed In A Bag from OCM for $179.95

Novogratz Maddison 6-Piece Dorm Bedding Bundle
Dog lovers will love this bedding bundle that features both a Dalmatian-spotted set of sheets and blanket. Image courtesy of OCM.

Novogratz Maddison 6-Piece Dorm Bedding Bundle — $179.95

For a value-oriented pick that doesn’t sacrifice any personal style, this bedding bundle may be for you. This bundle features a minimalist comforter with neutral colors alongside a fun-loving and quirky set of sheets with dalmations dotted all over them. Not only that, it has a blanket to match! The pattern is lively and looks like something you’d see out of a Wes Anderson movie — trust us when we say this bedding will bring a smile to your face everytime you go to sleep at night (or in the day for a much-needed nap). 

You won’t have to worry about buying any separate pieces of bedding with this bundle since everything’s included — a suitable option for anyone who wants an easy shopping experience without losing a sense of their personal taste and style!

Buy the Novogratz Maddison 6-Piece Dorm Bedding Bundle from OCM for $179.95.

Heather Dutton Fuge Stone Bed In A Bag
A black and white pattern will prove itself to be versatile and equally stunning — you can dress this comforter up with an array of blankets and pillows that will compliment it perfectly! Image courtesy of OCM.

Heather Dutton Fuge Stone Bed In A Bag — $179.95

Can you tell we’re living for these grayscale patterns in 2020? There’s a good reason too, considering how they’re both stunning on their own as well as perfect complements to a variety of different colors, patterns, and designs. This duvet set features a sham, duvet cover, and decorative pillow, all stored in a reusable bag to match! 

The diamond-ish and simple, black and white design of this duvet is a great choice for anyone who wants to have a minimalist style that’s still full of personality. Try pairing it with a chunky, textured blanket thrown over top to make a cozy and chic statement!

Buy the Heather Dutton Fuge Stone Bed In A Bag from OCM for $179.95.

Fun Patterns for a Dorm Room that Bursts with Personality

Patterns can be especially hard to find matches — the variety of colors can make pairing items difficult, but these sets make patterns easy. 

It’s highly unlikely that your dorm room has a lot of personality when you first walk through the door. (If you’re lucky enough to have a room that has plenty of character, know you’re one of few!) A great method to upgrade your room quickly is to add a really fun pattern to your bed that speaks to your personality and brings a smile to your face after a long day of lectures and labs.

Chelsea Victoria Marble Bed In A Bag
Marble recalls not only the kitchen of literally any one of the Kardashians, but also the picturesque statues of ancient Greece. Image courtesy of OCM.

Chelsea Victoria Marble Bed In A Bag — $179.95

Despite being a literal ancient look, marble has become a contemporary mainstay in the realm of design. It’s clean and adds an almost ostentatious bit of class to a space. And the style is no longer tied to the actual material of marble — with the magic of printing power, you can achieve the marble look on just about anything, including bedding!

What we love about this marble bedding from OCM is its simplicity. While it certainly calls back to the source material, this bedding also resembles a cool, black-and-white tie dye job, something that makes it (in our opinion) all the more wantable. Looking for a cool and polished dorm room look? This bedding will certainly do the trick.

Buy the Chelsea Victoria Marble Bed In A Bag from OCM for $179.95.

Comfort Pak - 20 Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set in Rae
We’re really into shibori-style bedding right now — lovers of blues of all shades will surely love making this the bedding of their choice. Image courtesy of OCM.

Comfort Pak - 20 Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set in Rae — $179.00

You read that right. 20 pieces of bedding and bath accessories all tied together for a reasonable price. Our favorite style of the stellar offer is the shibori-influenced Rae collection that will bring the blues to your dorm room. What’s great about this style is that while it consists entirely of blues, the set makes use of various shades and textures to bring plenty of character to your bed.

If blue’s not your vibe, there are plenty of other styles and colors available in this great deal, from florals to plaids, you’re sure to find one that will suit your taste.

Buy the Comfort Pak - 20 Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set in Rae from OCM for $179.00.

Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed In A Bag
With this stunning rose pattern, we can’t help ourselves when we say: “Florals… in spring? Groundbreaking.” Image courtesy of OCM.

Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed In A Bag — $179.95.

When you think patterns for bedding, your mind probably wanders straight to florals. The pattern is timeless — somehow florals evoke both feelings of the antique and new, both memories of your grandma’s bedspread and the newest runway looks. That’s the value of the look; it’s been done over and over again, and yet we always come back to its simple and gorgeous appeal.

This Iveta Abolina Snow Rose bedding features a beautiful arrangement of roses and will certainly add a soft, feminine touch to your dorm room. It’s so pretty that you might even be sad to unmake it every night before bed. If only it weren’t so comfortable.

Buy the Iveta Abolina Snow Rose Bed In A Bag from OCM for $179.95.

Finding a comforter that you’re head over heels for is the first step in creating a bed that you’ll be excited to jump into every night. And sleep in every morning. And write an essay in the night before it’s due. If you pick the right one, staying in your bed as much as possible will become your life… and that’s not that bad of a thing. 

It can be so difficult to find a set of bedding that you love and that matches with every other piece. Why bother when there are so many excellent sets of bedding where expert design teams have done the work for you? These options from OCM are chic and enviable — just don’t blame us if your roommate gets jealous of your fantastic bedding and ends up getting a set to match.
For all things college, head over to OCM for comforters, bath accessories, dorm decor, and everything else you’ll need for the next four years!

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