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Oct 3, 2020
Dorm Decor

This may be hard to believe, but if we are not able to inspire you with Pinterest-worthy dorm room bedding, then maybe trying out Tumblr would be a good idea. If you are not familiar, Tumblr is a blogging platform where many of all ages go to express their thoughts and creativity.

Essential Beddings
Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Tumblr is a creative outlet that looks to not only expose ideas and themes, but also a way to inspire you to create something of your own, or to even copy. These were inspired by and made by college students like you, so take advantage of this while you are here. On a side note, not only is Tumblr a creative outlet, but it is the avant-garde of Pinterest.


Simple White and Earthy

Let Tumblr choose your bedding.

Tumblr is for more than just simple bedding Image courtesy of Tumblr.

If we cannot convince you with Pinterest, perhaps Tumblr might be more of your taste. When it comes to finding bedding ideas, all websites are acceptable. However, Tumblr is the number one spot for freedom of expression, and not only that, but it is actually the original Pinterest, where you can share thoughts and create posts that gear towards particular individuals that are looking for the same thing as you.

In regards to this bedding, we recommend using a simple white bedding set. Or, a simple white blanket will work as well. If you are looking for a simple blanket, we recommend the Vellux Sheared Mink Blanket, on OCM. We also recommend pairing it with simple sheets and pillow cases, such as the Premium Supersoft Microfiber three-piece twin XL Sheet set, on OCM, and this basic white Pillow Protector Set, also on OCM.


Cactus and other Plant patterned Bedding

Plant patterned bedding is a must if striving for a Tumblr dorm room.

Are you an earthy guy or girl? Or, do you come from a place that is in or near a desert? This bedding inspiration is for you! Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Sweet dreams are made of deserts and cactuses. If you truly want to feel right at home, you might want to try out a dark theme such as this one. Are those dark colors speaking to you? Check out a similar color right here on OCM. The look you want is this Iveta Abolina Study in Gray Bed in a Bag, exclusively on OCM. This beauty has Tumblr written all over, and if you cannot see it, you’re going to have to order and fall in love. For a throw, we recommend this Hygge Geo Throw blanket. Although it doesn’t have the lines, this tribal printed blanket will still give you that extra bit of warmth you seek during those cold nights, or if you want to study in a more comfortable place.

For the throw we recommend getting the black colored print, as it will match well with this Tumblr themed room. You can purchase this throw on OCM. In case you are not able to purchase any cactus themed photos, we recommend this gorgeous tapestry, by Leah Flores. Available on OCM, you’ll be able to crash right into your studies with this popular tapestry piece. Don’t forget to complete your look with these Fifty-Light LED String Lights, only on OCM.


A Traveler’s Paradise

You’ll never get bored with this theme.

In this room, you’ll feel like you’re on an adventure at all times. Image courtesy of Tumblr.

If adventure is what you seek, and college is right around the corner, you should consider dressing your dorm room up as an adventure. During your time in school, you will be able to look back at your years as an adventure, hence why this room is considered to be the adventure of a lifetime. You will be dreaming in paradise every night, and enjoying studying under soft lights during the day. For comforters, we recommend either going for an all white comforter or a floral comforter set. Both of which can be found on OCM. 


If simple is your calling, we recommend this all white Ava Diamond Full-Queen Oversized Cotton Quilt three-piece Set, available on OCM. If you’d rather sleep under a floral comforter set, go all out with this Betsey Johnson seven-piece Dorm Bedding Set. Available on OCM, this set will have you sleeping in style, and it pairs well with the adventure theme as well.

For your walls, you should definitely go for this wall art travel set, only on OCM. This set is perfect to place on any empty corner of your room, even above your bed. We all love throw pillows, and we still can’t get over how adorable the bear throw pillow is in the above photo. For other various throws you might like or want, we recommend this Wanderlust Decorative Throw pillow to add to your never ending collection of fun and relatable pillows. You can purchase the Wanderlust Pillow on OCM.


Christmas All Year Round

If you think Christmas in July is strange, we have got news for you.

Yes, everyday can be Christmas in your dorm. Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Yes, you can make Christmas a major holiday everyday of the semester. To help out with planning your ultimate Christmas themed room, inspired by Tumblr, we have to start with the basics: bedding and pillows. Start off with this five-piece Bedding Bundle on OCM. This set will have you set for the whole year, and will last until graduation. For pillows, besides the ones you get with the five-piece set, you want something festive, but also subtle. Although there are no Christmas themed-pillows on OCM’s website, there is still a huge selection of similar designs to choose from. For the pillows, we want you to pick something that speaks to you, but also sparkles. Who doesn’t love a little bit of sparkle? Pillows such as this Silver Foil throw, and this pretty purple Smile Sequin Script Faux pillow, can add that extra shine that Christmas gives each year. Also, to spice up your room a little more, we recommend this Danette Sequined Fringed Throw in Silver blanket, to keep you warm and cozy at night. All of these essentials will help keep you warm, and will add onto the Christmas theme you are aiming for in your dorm room.

For decorations, this part is your choice. If you want a fake tree to use all year round for different holidays, then go for it. The whole reason for this choice from Tumblr is to give you a fresh perspective on styling your dorm room. With these choices, you will not be disappointed.


We’re Quite “Plaid” You Joined Us Today

Set the stage for this inspiring plaid dorm room.

Hello, it’s your dorm room calling. They want you at school ASAP to recreate this concept. Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Copy this look with some fun themed items on OCM today! From rustic charmers to the plaid inspirers, we are here to make two and two come together to create the ultimate rustic plaid dorm room, inspired by Tumblr. To start off, we truly believe the College Classic Twin XL Comforter set, is the perfect choice to help set that plaid look you are going for. For the throw pillow, we would like to recommend a similar design, the Holli Zollinger Adobo Mudcloth Throw Pillow still gives that rustic feeling that you are aiming to have resonate throughout your dorm room. You are able to purchase this pillow through the website.

Now, as far as decorations go, you will not have a hard time gathering these pieces. For the appeal of your wall, we recommend using Slothy Photoclips to display your best and most favorite photos. For wall hangings, or any poster ideas, we think this Marta Barragan Camarasa Myrna Bohem Wall Hanging will look perfect hanging on your door, or even somewhere near your desk. These purchases, and many others like the slothy photoclips, will bring sunshine on even the cloudiest of days. And it will even add a piece of modernity to your plaid look..


Lost in City Lights

Let’s get lost in this concept that uses mostly light.

With this dorm room, we feel like we’re getting lost in the lights of a city. Image courtesy of Tumblr.

If you are inspired by the lights in this Tumblr inspired dorm, then we are doing our job right. With this room, we are getting city-life vibes. So, for this to work, we will need to transform into minimalists. To start off, we also want something that promotes modernity. With that being said, the first piece we would like to suggest purchasing is the Premium College Twin XL Comforter. Available in six different colors, this comforter will have you feeling like you are on cloud nine all the time. For pillows, anything can work, such as this College Classic Plush Pillow, and many other pillows like it.

Now, we all know decorations are needed. For the modern and minimalist feel we are helping you search for, let’s start with the Remen Faux Fur Cube Ottoman in White, that is perfect as a footrest and as storage. You can purchase the ottoman here on OCM. Here is another similar item to use to help add that extra pop of color. The Passion Botanical Area Rug will help bring in a classic, yet modern take on comfortability. There are plenty of other items to purchase on OCM’s store, especially the Passion Botanical Rug that you can purchase on OCM as well.


The Botanical Raincheck

We might not be able to get a raincheck for class, but for hanging out? We will take one! Image courtesy of Tumblr.

Let’s take a raincheck for the weekend and relax in our peaceful and serene dorm room. Don’t let anyone else disturb you in this gorgeous room. To start off, we recommend a floral comforter. You can purchase the Ivory Ella seven Piece Dorm Bedding Bundle to help begin the process of creating your botanical room on OCM. This comforter set will have you feeling relaxed in no time.

As far as decorations go, we recommend being eco-friendly and using garland that you can decorate yourself, like this Clear Bottle Garland that you can intertwine with a leafy green garland. You can get the bottle garland on OCM. If you like to move around your dorm room to study, consider purchasing the Iveta Abolina Feather Roll Floor Pillow as a seat in case you want to work on the floor. Many of these items are available to help spice up your room.. Don’t forget to decorate your walls with decor! The Little Arrow Design Co Watercolor Feather Wall Hanger will be perfect for your walls. This pretty wall hanger will look great above a bed or right next to a window.

If you are not done shopping yet for your room, we suggest you keep looking on OCM’s Store, where they have everything you will need to help make your dorm your home away from home. For the final piece we suggest using for your dorm room, you will need a table to use as a nightstand for small and important things. The Heather Dutton Float Like A Feather Round Side Table will do just that! This adorable round table is a perfect accent to any room, and it can even be used in a future apartment! You can purchase the table on OCM’s website.

To put it into a few words, Tumblr is the avant-garde of Pinterest. With its many designs and inspired themed rooms, there is no end to how you can style your dorm room. We truly hope this Tumblr-inspired post helps lead you into the right choices regarding dorm decorations and bedding.Tumblr isn’t just a blog anymore, it’s an inspirational hub for all things creative, especially with your future dorm.

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