Ugh. Finals week. You may not be able to hear it, but we’re screaming on the inside, just like you. This is the lead-up to the absolute worst part of the year.But Finals don’t have to make us a big ball of anxiety. The best way to ace them all is by going in prepared. Studying, of course, is key, but so are these seven essentials you’ll need to survive Finals Week. Here are the things we’re counting on to get us through:

  1. A Refillable Water Bottle

Why did it take us so long to realize that water is really magical and restorative? It makes our skin glow, helps maintain weight, and wakes us up when caffeine won’t do the trick. Water is also the perfect study partner as drinking the right amount (divide your body weight in half and drink that in ounces), makes you both more alert and improves your memory.

  1. Awesome Treats

Healthy snacks with loads of protein are an absolutely essential part of keeping our brains focused. Think nuts and berries or granola bars and protein packs. But of course, we’re also sneaking in some snack time too. After all that studying, we deserve a break to munch on some goodies from a Finals Week care package.

  1. Perfect Pillow

Sleep is a must. While we might be tempted to pull an all-nighter or two, studies have shown that a lack of sleep can actually hurt come test day. Being tired means less focus and a higher chance of forgetting basic facts and figures. Increasing sleep time is essential, so we plan on making our bed an oasis with high-quality pillows, bed linens, face masks, sound machines, and maybe even a pair of noise canceling headphones.

  1. Extra Supplies

Hello highlighters! You’re are our new best friend for the week. Add in pencils, extra batteries for our graphing calculator, supplies for the art portfolio, sticky notes, and flashcards… woah. Our office supplies run just went crazy, but it’s all worth it to have everything we need at our fingertips for long, intense study sessions.

  1. Ultimate Study Spot

Where you study matters just as much as how long you study. The library is always a good choice just because of the regulated silence. But the library is often a central location, and we prefer to not be distracted by a friend or a crush. Instead, take your studying outdoors, when possible. The sunlight can help you stay awake and fresh air can change up your mood.

  1. Support System

If your friends and family don’t already know, make sure you tell them you’re gearing up for finals week. Have a friend call every other day to check in on you and motivate you to keep going. Let mom and dad know you might not be reachable. And ask them to keep conversations light and fun instead of harp on you about exams and grades. The less stress you have from your inner circle, the better.

  1. Empty Social Calendar

The support system rule also applies to your friends on campus. While your bestie may be riding high with a 4.0 average and no worries for their finals, you can’t let them get in the way of the work you need to do. Clear your calendar, cancel your fraternity functions, and turn your phone on “do not disturb.” You’ll survive for a week while you gear up to rock your final exams.

May 1, 2017
College Life

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