Halloween is the time to let your creative style shine! But costumes from the stores can be so dated or unoriginal. If you’re stuck on what costumes you can make on a budget or wow your party guests with, these suggestions are the perfect alternatives to what you can buy in the store.

1.   Your Professor

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If you have a professor with a unique sense of style or personality (as well as a really good sense of humor), take the time to make an outfit that will impress other students while giving you a chance to let loose after class.

2.   Piece of Art

Do you imagine yourself good looking enough to hang in a museum? Why not make yourself the art! Grab a costume that resembles your favorite art piece (such as overalls for American Gothic). Then, add an oversized frame to carry around through the evening.

3.   Black and White Movie

Vintage lovers will totally flip for a black and white noir themed costume. Grab only black and white clothing along with black, white, and gray face paint and temporary hair coloring. Paint your skin to resemble the grays and whites of someone on television and dye your hair black. You can even go for particular characters like Lucy from I Love Lucy or the couple from The Honeymooners.

4.   Sushi Platter

Group costumes are a blast. But if you don’t have much money or time to waste, go with food-inspired outfits like sushi! Each pick out your favorite piece of sushi. Then wear a white shirt and pants. Use dollar store pillows with paint to create the salmon, shrimp, or more and then wrap a black tie to hold it in place. Instant sushi!

5.   Sweet Treats

Like sushi, candy can also be a quick costume idea. Blow up colored balloons and use a large, transparent bag to hold them in for a packet of jelly beans. Print out the Starbucks logo to tape to a white shirt and add a white hat and a green tube to be transformed into a latte. Use fabric swatches in orange, yellow, and white along with a white party hat to make a candy corn costume.

6.   Piñata

If time isn’t pressing, you can make yourself into a real life piñata complete with candy! Get a thrift store dress that you won’t mind ruining. Then, use colorful paper to make rows of frayed material. Use fabric glue to stick the rows of paper onto the dress. Then, add a pointed party hat to seal the deal. Carry around a stick and hand out candy if you want to be a real crowd-pleaser.

7.   Favorite Brand

Get your inspiration from things in your dorm room! Wear pink bunny ears and all pink outfit along with a drum to become the Energizer Bunny. Find a yellow coat and shoes along with a white umbrella to look like the Morton Salt girl. Don a tux, a curly mustache, and a monocle to become Mr. Moneybags from the Monopoly game.  Wear a large brown dress and a yellow hat to portray Mrs. Butterworth.

8.   Stick Figure

Modern lovers of simplicity will love creating their own stick figure costume! Using a white t-shirt, pants, and gloves, draw the lines of stick figure onto your clothing using a fabric marker. For your face, use black lipstick or liner to make the famous, poorly drawn circle face. Your friends will love your creativity!

Oct 23, 2015

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