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May 9, 2014
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Alright guys, so you woke up this afternoon and got that call from Dad or a sibling saying, “Hey, just reminding you Sunday is Mother’s Day.” Chances are you dropped your phone in your cereal bowl and said “Oh no!” Sunday is the day to say thank you, and “Oh no!” is not a good way to do that. The absolute WORST thing you can do on Mother’s Day is nothing, so you have to think fast- here’s what you come up with.

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8) A mix-CD of songs with the word ‘Mom’ in them. NO! You did that when you were 11 and no one uses CD’s anymore. How about Household-Chore “Coupons”? NO! Mom doesn’t care if you mow the lawn, and you did that gift when you were 12. Better skip to #7.

7) Smell the love-Candles. There is something about a candle that smells like something other than a candle that moms love. Banana, Strawberry, Morning-Dew-in-Vermont, whatever the aroma, chances are your mother will enjoy this little gift. It will also help mask the smell when you move back in at home.

Mom Candle

6) School Pride! Mom is proud of you and your education (so much that she might even be paying for it!) Send her something from the Fan Shop to show off to her friends!

Fan Shop

5) Upload your Sentiment. If you are too broke to afford stamps, upload a photo. Email or post it on social. She will love it so much she’ll call and say, “What am I supposed to click?” and you can walk her through until she actually sees the picture and THEN she’ll tell you how sweet you are. Share these Mother’s Day Appreciations with us- #OCMomsDay

photo (3)

4) Hand-Picked Flowers. If you’re going home around mother’s day, try NOT to pick the flowers from your mother’s garden before she answers the door. Avoid the “Aw, these smell beautiful”- “Well of course, you planted them” conversation.  Nevertheless, she will appreciate the sentiment from the petals down to the dangling roots.


3) Hand-Made Card (with Affixed Macaroni). A throwback to when you were Mommy’s little artist. Write something sentimental, snag some markers from your local art major and for a flare of nostalgia, find some macaroni between the cushions and glue it on there. Pop it in the mail if you can afford the stamps. Nothing says I love you like adhesive macaroni.

Mom Art Pic

2) An early morning phone call. This shows a few things. One, you are still capable of waking up before 11:30 (she doesn’t have to know you’re actually lying in bed with a bowl of cereal). Two, you remembered <3. The fact that you woke up just to call will go a long way.

photo (5)

1) Surprise!! At work, at home, at the supermarket; track mom down and give her a big hug. This has never been done, ever, and if you actually do this you will not only get endearing looks from every mother in the world for the rest of your life, but dirty looks from every guy in your family who did numbers 8 through 2.


       We wouldn't be where we are today if it weren't for good ole' mom. Happy Mother's Day! We love ya!

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