Spending long, holiday weekends stuck on campus can be a drag. But this Labor Day can be different! With a little creativity and planning, you can make your holiday in the dorm rooms the best yet. Here are seven ways you can make your day off perfect.

1. Catch up on sleep

Even though you’re at the start of the semester, we’re betting you could use some shut eye. The beginning of a term is the most stressful part, so why not enjoy a day in bed, counting sheep, and ignoring everyone’s calls or emails. Add some ambient sound, some noise canceling headphones, and a comfy blanket, and you’re all set for your extended bedtime.

2. Prepare for the semester

The first few weeks of school are a whirl of chaos. That’s why Labor Day could be the perfect time to update your calendar, organize your desk, and input your assignment to-do’s. While it’s not exactly fun, it’s essential and will get you on the right track for the rest of the term.

3. Shop the best Labor Day deals

Like many federal holidays, there are a ton of hot shopping deals out there to score! Grab a friend and a reusable bag and stock up on items like discounted school supplies, fall clothing and shoes, dorm decor, and summer clearance items. Don’t forget to check online either!

4. Enjoy the silence

If you’re living at a mostly commuter school, your campus might empty out on holidays like today. That’s okay! While you may feel a bit lonely (totally normal), you could use today to relax, rewind, and explore your school without the crowds. Find a sunny spot and read a book or have a picnic on the quad with others hanging back over the long weekend.

5. Treat Yo’ Self!

We love using long weekends to pamper ourselves, and you just might, too. Give yourself a spa day by splurging on some new nail polish or experiment with one of those popular DIY facemasks (try charcoal if you dare). Take a yoga class in town, see a movie you have been dying to watch, or take yourself out for dinner. Sometimes doing things solo is the way to go!

6. Make a new friend

Whether you’re a freshman or graduating at the end of the semester, long weekends are always great times to reach out and make new friends. Open your dorm room door and invite others to share a movie marathon with you or throw a dorm floor party with your RA. Who knows -- you may just meet your new BFF.

7. Get outdoors

Sure, it may not be that traditional game of football you play with your brothers or that big parade you see with your hometown squad, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside and enjoy the summer weather. After all, it’ll only be around for a few more weeks at most! Go for a run, play frisbee with your roommates, put a call out for co-ed softball teams, or turn up the music and throw an impromptu dance party! As long as you’re moving and outdoors, you won’t regret it.

8. Volunteer locally

Labor Day is a celebration of workers and those who make our country so wonderful. Why not give back this year by volunteering? Head to your campus volunteer group and see if they have any planned opportunities in your neighborhood. If not, start your own! Get in touch with a nursing home, talk to an animal shelter, or sign up for a shift cleaning up the areas around your school. The more people you bring along, the bigger impact you’ll have.

Aug 30, 2017
College Life

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