This can’t be real. We’re almost done with our freshman year of college! After dreaming of this year for what seems like forever, it’s over with. Now that we’re hitting finals week, it’s time to reflect and look back on what things we have loved and hated about our freshman year of college.

  1. The (Lack of) Fashion

I guess we always imagined that college was like the movies with well-dressed, preppy girls wearing the latest styles and guys in leather jackets and designer jeans. In reality, it’s pretty much pajama pants, leggings, sweatpants, and old cardigan sweaters every single day.

  1. How Terrible the Food Is

We were warned. We even had a small taste of it during our tour, but we really didn’t expect… this. Sure, there’s some items on the menus we get excited about (hello Taco Tuesday!), but for the most part, we’re planning on spending sophomore year learning the art of dorm cooking.

  1. Homesickness

Surviving summer camp was supposed to prepare us for long stretches away from home. And we’ve been aching for freedom since freshman year in high school. But when the moment came to say goodbye to our parents, we felt that sting of homesickness.

  1. Our New Friends

Making friends as adults is tough. It’s not like you’re forced to finger paint with someone. However, we found that making new friends wasn’t as bad as we had thought once we opened ourselves up. Joining a sorority/fraternity, signing up for clubs, group projects, trips off campus, etc. gave us plenty of ways to make a new, college BFF.

  1. Your Major Isn’t a Big Deal

All of our adult friends are constantly asking us what our major is. But when you’re a freshman, no one but them seem to really care. And it turns out that being undeclared is totally cool. It gives you freedom to find what you like and are passionate about, and there are countless numbers of freshmen and sophomores who are just as clueless as your are.

  1. The Stress Factor

‍I think we all feel stress differently. Some of us breeze through college without missing their necessary eight hours or more of sleep. The rest of us basically ping-pong back and forth between relaxed and about to explode from the pressure. If you’re heading to college next year, just be warned you may be on either spectrum.

  1. The Freshman 15 Exists

We already talked about food. But we can’t forget about how easy it is to not move around. With tiny dorm rooms and lack of time to hit the gym, getting a good sweat can be difficult. What’s easy is packing on the pounds. Our biggest piece of advice to incoming freshman: schedule your workouts or bring along some hand weights.

  1. How Much We Love It

This list could really go on and on. College is like a complete shock to our systems… and we love (almost) every second of it. We wouldn’t trade the meals in the cafeteria with our new friends, the times we were overwhelmed with projects for classes we actually enjoy, and the highs and lows of living away from home for anything in this world.

Apr 25, 2017
College Life

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