Even with great bargains, shopping for dorm decor can add up to be costly. Sometimes even after you buy all your matching room essentials, you're left wondering what's missing to give your room a more personalized feel. If your room is covered in statement pieces and you still feel like you need something else, create it! Nothing says personality more than a homemade decoration that is fun and easy to make! Creating your own decorations means that your decor options are endless and can be made in any color of your choosing.Maybe you aren't the craftiest of people and don't know where to start with DIY dorm decor. If you need some inspiration, you came to the right place. From re-upholstering chairs to making your own wall art, we've made a list of various crafts you can glitterize to your heart's content.

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1)  Hanging Yarn Balls: (See Cheetah Nails, Cake Pops and Hanging Yarn Balls) These are fun, cute, and decorative crafts that you can place in a bowl or hang from your ceiling with some fishing wire or colored thread. They're super simple to make and easy to hang! All you need is some glue, a few 5" balloons, and some colored string or yarn. If you're interested in making these bad boys for yourself, take a look at the link above to get step by step directions.

DIY Candle spheres (using flameless candles only) to make chandelier!


2)  Painted Glassware: Whether they're dollar store wineglasses for your mocktails or simple plastic drinking glasses, your creative options for decoration are endless. Buying some glass paints and then baking your dishes to set the paint (to make them waterproof) makes a great room accessory and even better gift! Make your glasses extra chic with matte spray paint to make parts of your glasses matte and part of them glossy. Secure some various sized rubber bands around the glass before you spray and leave some parts "bare". After you take off the bands you'll have a neat design with matte/gloss contrast that will look modern and sleek. You'll be surprised how cool your glasses will end up looking after a little TLC and dedication!

Source (DIY instructions!)

3)  Spruce Up Old Pillows: Remember that couch in your living room that had the matching cushions? Remember how your mom got rid of the couch 10 years ago but still has the pillows in a storage bag downstairs? Throw them in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes to kill any 'dust bugs' and to re-fluff the cushions. Find a fabric you like or that matches your dorm room and sew them over your cushions for a pillow makeover. You can even sew embellishments, flowers, and other decorations on to your pillows to make unique statement pillows. Go to your local craft store and see if you can't find some cursive lettering to sew your initials onto your design. Your room will look extra polished and your friends will be asking you to make them for their birthday presents!

Source (DIY instructions!)

4)  Pillow Beds: Movie nights are for comfort, eating pizza, and bundling up for nights of relaxation. In dorm rooms, the lack of room and bed space makes it hard to fit everyone comfortably. Those left on the floor get chilled easily and have to sit on the hard ground for the entire movie. Be a nice host/hostess and make movie nights at your place a bit cozier. Take about 5 pillowcases (get them from your local stores; Kmart, Marshalls, Homegoods, T.J. Maxx, Walmart) and sew them together vertically. You can find pillows also at said stores, to stuff inside each of the pillow cases to create a 'pack-and-use' pillow bed! The best pillow cases to buy are the ones that are generally used on top of your bedspread for decoration. Try to pick ones with thicker fabric that have a slit in the back instead of on the sides. Pillow cases with slits on the side may make the pillows easier to shimmy out while people lay or sit on the pillow beds. Once you have five different cases you like, sew each of the bottoms of the cases (landscape side) together to create one long 'accordion' of cases. The thickness of these cases will allow your pillow beds to last longer and be more resistant to spills and stains. When it's time to wash your pillow beds simply remove all of the pillows and throw it in the washing machine. Dry as usual and stick your pillows back in. Simple, easy and comfortable. When your pillow beds aren't being used by guests, stick them in between the wall of your dorm bed and wall. This will keep you warm and keep the cold wall off your skin during those in between class cat naps.

Pillow Bed Teen Girl Pillow Bed TieDye Pillow by CreativeChickie

5)  Crayon Canvases: If you're a fan of Pinterest, I'm sure you've seen and been dying to try this one out already! Glue your favorite colored crayons in a horizontal row across the top of a blank canvas. Plug in a hair-dryer and start running it back and forth over the crayons. Watch as the crayons melt, leaving dripping colors streaking down the canvas and blending them together. Make sure if you're doing this project that you do it outside or in a place where you can get a little messy. Don't place the hairdryer directly on the crayons, but a few inches away. Make sure not to touch the hot wax with your fingers or accidentally burn yourself on the hair dryer. Don't forget to remove the crayon wrappers! After you've gotten your wax dripped just the way you like it, let it dry overnight. This project can be customized multiple ways! Tape parts of the canvas before melting the crayons to 'protect' it from the melting wax. Pull the tape off after you're done melting the crayons and create a cool chevron design!


6)  Flat Iron Heat-Resistant Travel Case: All girls with a flat iron have seen the unsightly burns they can leave on carpets, bathroom counters, and any plastic that accidentally happened to be too close to the iron. It's almost near impossible to use your flat iron, unplug it, and travel with it safely in under an hour. Not to mention, trying to store a hot flat iron can be both dangerous for burns but even more so dangerous if they happen to catch something on fire (you don't say?) If you're going to be traveling with your flat iron or don't want to rest it on certain items after unplugging it, make your own flat iron case that will allow it to cool smoothly. Go to your favorite home store and find a cute pot holder that matches your dorm room. Fold it in half and sew the bottom and side of the pot holder shut so that the only open slot is on the top. If you want, sew a button with an elastic strap on one side to secure the carrier more securely around your iron. Simply unplug your flat iron, stick it in the carrier through the top slot, and carry with ease!

Turn a pot holder into a heat-safe travel case for your flat iron or curling iron! #DIY #Solutions


7)  Chalkboard Trays: Ever go to a thrift store and find vintage trays or plates that you love but don't know what to do with? Well now you can! Re-purpose them into a functional but stylish chalkboard. Spray paint them with a shiny silver coating or spray them with bright neon colors. Create your own chalkboard paint with a few easy steps and paint the middle of your trays or plates with the paint and allow it to try. Take a small piece of sand paper and lightly run over the surface to get rid of any bubbles and then rub some chalk on your painted area and wipe it off. Homemade chalkboard tray for your dorm! To really top it off, glue a fabric bow to match your dorm decor on the top of the tray and prop it up against the wall. Leaving notes for your roomie has never been so easy. "For the love of all that is holy, WASH YOUR SOCKS- Love Roomie."

DIY Framed Chalkboard Tutorial | Positively Splendid {Crafts, Sewing, Recipes and Home Decor}

8)  Re-upholstered Chairs: Vintage is so in these days, from old antique items to delicate jewelry and clothes. But sometimes vintage is a little too-vintage, with musky smells and ripped fabric. If you have a chair you bought at a goodwill or yard sale, don't throw it away, re-create it! Find some fabric you love and look up some sewing techniques to sew it over the chair. You can even add your own chair-skirts and bows to make them look more modern and feminine. This goes the same way for the desk chairs that come with your dorm. Those wooden desk-chairs may serve their purpose in functionality, but they can really put a damper on your room decor! If you've personalized everything else in your room why not personalize these as well? Go to your local fabric store and pick a perfect fabric to cover your chairs with. Instead of sewing the fabric on to the chair (I'm sure your RA wouldn't like that too much) create a chair-slip to slip right on top of the wood. Create 'ties' on the back to tightly secure the extra fabric on the back of the chair into a neat bow. You can even find a bold statement cushion to compliment your new chair!


9)  Modge Podge: Mod Podge works for almost anything (and with any glitter). If you're into crafting, the one thing I could recommend you buying is Mod Podge adhesive. There's really just so many things you can do with it, and it's durable and long lasting. For a creative wall canvas, cut out shapes from different pieces of scrapbook paper. Paint a canvas in a gradient fashion, or just simply paint it one color, and glue your cut out scraps in a design on your canvas. Add some embellishments and a few vintage knick-knacks found at your craft sore and your wall decor will be ready to hang.There are countless ways to create your own dorm decor. If you're interested in finding out more crafts you can make for dorm decorations search the web and find some projects that you feel you could comfortably accomplish. If you start a project and it's too hard, don't get discouraged. Sometimes people make crafting look so easy in pictures, but they leave out the bumps along the road they had while getting to their final product. Experiment a bit and remember that it's YOUR decorations for YOUR dorm. The way you want them to look is up to you, so be creative and have fun.

May 16, 2014
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