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Jun 1, 2020
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Since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic and stay at home orders were issued across the country -- all aspects of life have changed. Schools, colleges, and universities were closed for half a semester, many jobs were lost or deemed non-essential and now summer internships have gone virtual!

Before, students would be involved in the environment where their internships take place, but now this is not possible. They would be working directly with their supervisors and other staff members, now this has turned into email and video chat communication. All aspects of an internship have turned to computers and the internet. Because we must continue to practice social distancing, internships have gone remote with many of us completing them from our homes! Adjusting to this new normal is a challenge interns are facing. 

Now, accomplishing tasks and getting work done centers around our own motivation -- because these responsibilities have been put solely on us. During these difficult times we have to find ways to stay motivated and remain on track with the duties of our internships. This is especially because our homes have multiple distractions, interruptions and other challenges that threaten our focus. 

But there should be no reason to feel discouraged because there are a number of ways to stay organized and impress during your remote internship! We will cover all things organization and motivation to ensure you successfully complete your summer internship. 

1. Write Down Due Dates

Stay on Track with This Monthly Calendar 

Price: $19.95

The first way to ensure that you’ll impress during your remote internship is to stay on top of your due dates! Your supervisor will want to see that you can remain focused and submit your work on time -- this will show that you are a hard and determined worker. What better way to stay on track then with this Whiteboard Monthly Calendar. You can write down all of your due dates and cross them off as you go -- this will ensure that you do not forget any work and are submitting all things on time! This will make others see you as independent and valuable -- because you will not need to be reminded of your tasks. 

2. Keep Your Desk Space Organized 

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

Price: $31.25

Does your desk lack free space and things starting to pile up? This Franklin Desk Riser adds an extra level of storage space to your desk and lets you keep essential items right next to you, while keeping nonessential ones out of the way. This is especially important if you will be video chatting regularly with a supervisor. In this new normal, we have to worry about our backgrounds and space around us -- because this has become part of how we present ourselves. Rather than just dressing nicely, we have to make sure our surroundings are presentable too! Your supervisors will not want to see you surrounded by a desk full of clutter -- not to mention if your work is getting lost within it. 

3. Dress to Impress

Look the Part

Even though we’ve all been living in our pajamas and sweats -- it’s important to dress the part when video chatting with any of the staff from our internship. Let’s be honest, if it was an in-person internship -- we would be dressing to impress anyway so this should be no different! This will show your supervisor that you are serious about your internship because you’re putting in the extra effort to dress professionally. To ensure your clothes are looking the best and wrinkle free -- make sure you hang them! You can also clear out a section of closet space for clothes you’ll be wearing specifically for your remote internship

4. Feel Ready for the Job 

If You Aren’t Your Best It’ll Show

Stay awake, motivated and ready to go with this Keurig K-Mini Brewer.

Price: $99.99

On busy college campuses and during our normal routines, many students make it a priority to grab a coffee to start the day -- or really whenever they need a quick pick me up. Now that we have been told to stay at home, grabbing a coffee may not be something we can do on a daily basis. Some students need this to start the day if they feel tired or pulled an all nighter, or just when we need a little extra energy and motivation to get through the day. Bring the caffeine to your home with this Keurig K-Mini Brewer and stay energized all day long so you feel your best during video calls and while you’re working!

5. Stay Comfy 

Comfort IS Essential 

Since your internship is remote, you can stay comfy and cozy while you get your work done. This is also important due to the high stress environment brought on by COVID-19. Everyone wants to snuggle up with a blanket while doing work on their laptop -- and now you can! Being comfortable helps to alleviate stress and make you feel happy, and if you’re happy and pleasant -- your supervisor will notice! Doing something you love doesn’t feel like work at all and now you can do it from home cuddled underneath a plush throw -- easy as can be. 

6 - Make a Schedule 

Keep Yourself on Track 

Price: $17.99 

We talked about the importance of writing down and keeping track of due dates -- so now we’re going to talk about the importance of having a schedule. Getting up in the morning and writing out your day is a great way to keep focused. It’s easy to get distracted, but at the end of the day, the work needs to be done. You can use this chalk board to plan your day -- write down the hours you want to work, when you want to take breaks, or if you just need a five-minute sanity break and when you want to be finished for the day and have time for other things! This will keep you focused on getting your work done while making time for other things -- like errands or laundry! Remember to stick to your schedule to optimize your time and not feel the guilt of getting distracted. 

7. Keep Tools Close 

Better Yet - Within Arms Reach

Organize your belongings with this Over-the-Door Multi-Hook Set.

Price: $22.95

Imagine you’re in a video call and all of a sudden you need something that’s in a different room or you forgot to put on your jacket and don’t have time to grab it. Even though I’ve been working from home -- I still keep everything in my backpack and if it wasn’t close to me -- I would be a lost cause. If you’re working in a confined space, you’ll want to have all your tools, materials and clothes close to you and ready to grab at any moment. You can keep everything you need close by with this over the door hook set. If you took your blazer off in between meetings, hang it here and quickly grab it before the next one! Or use this to hang your backpack for convenience. 

8. Communicate 

Communication is Key 

If you want to impress during your remote internship -- remember communication is key! If you can communicate with your supervisor and the rest of the team this will better integrate you into the work atmosphere. Make sure you are attending every video call and answering all emails, quickly and consistently. This will show that you are driven and interested in what you’re doing -- they’ll see that it matters to you! If you have questions too, don’t hesitate to reach out. It’s better to take the time to find the right answer rather than doing something wrong. They will want to see you taking the initiative to reach out and show them that you care. 

9. Eliminate Distractions 

Turn Your Phone Off 

Yes, this may be one of the hardest things to do during a remote internship, but the results are well worth it! Turning your phone off eliminates distractions from the outside world so you can stay focused on the work that needs to be done. If this isn’t possible for you, try putting your phone in do-not-disturb mode so you’re not tempted to look at the notifications when your phone starts buzzings. Rest assured all of your friends will still be there after you have finished your tasks for the day!

If you were concerned about how to impress during your remote internship, hopefully this has given you some ideas and confidence on how you can make an impact and surely get noticed! Once you get into a routine with how you are going to accomplish your duties as an intern -- the rest is easy. 

The most essential things to do before you start are create a schedule, write down the days you have work due and try your best to eliminate any and all distractions. Make sure you communicate with your supervisor regularly and ask questions! Lastly, worry about you -- because if you want to perform your best, you have to feel your best by keeping happy and healthy!

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