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Nov 13, 2019
College Life

There are tons of things sold as “must-haves” for college students living in the dorms. How do you decide what you really need?

9 Reasons You Should Have a Mini-Fridge in your dorm room

While you could do without a huge television or a new speaker system, one of the necessities that can actually save you money and make your life so much simpler is the mini-fridge. Here’s 9 reasons why you should have it and a few quick ways to keep it clean and running all year round.

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1.   Save Money or Dining Points

Choose fresh groceries over dining halls any day! Having a fridge means you can buy the food you want, when you want it, while relying less on dining halls.

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2.   Buy Organic or Allergy-Friendly

If you’re conscious about organic or allergy-friendly foods, a mini-fridge can help you maintain your health and ensure you are eating well.

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3.   Stay Healthy

Health nuts will love being able to store their favorite juices in their dorms or by having fresh cold fruit nearby.

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4.   Avoid Takeout

Being healthy also means avoiding takeout. Who wants pizza from some greasy joint when you can make it yourself with fresh, cold cheese and tasty pasta sauce?

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5.   Food Access on Demand

If you go to a smaller university, your cafeteria is most likely not open 24/7. And small town living means no restaurants open late. But a mini-fridge means you have snack whenever you want them!

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6.   Get Dorm Room Gourmet

You can still be a chef and live in the dorms! There are so many dorm room recipes you can cook up using a mini-fridge, a microwave, and a few simple ingredients.

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7.   Stock Up on Drinks

Can’t start your morning till you have a glass of orange juice or a shot of espresso? Instead of trekking to a cafeteria, reach over to your fridge and pour yourself a serving! You’ll love the convenience.

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8.   Throw a Foodie Party

Throwing a party requires good eats – and not just extras you picked up from the cafeteria. Having a fridge means you can entertain just as you would if you owned an apartment.

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9.   Keep Leftovers Fresh

If you’re the kind of person who never eats her whole meal or who hates to have food go to waste, dorm living can be frustrating. But with a mini-fridge, you can bring home your doggy bag or take your extra cafeteria snacks home without worrying about leaving it out overnight. Who doesn’t love cold pizza for breakfast!?

Quick Fridge Cleaning Tips


One of the reasons why students hesitate to get a mini-fridge is the myth that they are hard to clean. With this quick fix, you can keep any fridge smelling and looking great all semester long!

1.    Deodorize

Baking soda works wonders in keeping fridges smelling fresh. Buy it at any grocery store for just a few bucks and replace every 3 to 4 months.

2.    Empty

Empty out your fridge periodically to check for over expired leftovers or spills and stains you didn’t notice the first time. This is a great excuse to pig out!

3.    Remove All Parts

Before you do a big clean, remove all the small parts, such as trays and drawers. Clean these first using soapy warm water or a damp, soapy towel. Set aside to dry before putting back in.

4.    Use Vinegar Water Spray

Finally, clean out the inside of your fridge using one-part vinegar, one part water in either a spray bottle or bowl with towel. For harder to remove stains, use baking soda in water and a soft sponge.

Having a refrigerator in your dorm room can be an awesome way to stay healthy, save money, and improve your college lifestyle. And with easy cleaning, you’ll be so thankful you brought this must-have into your dorm room.

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