One of the most rewarding aspects of being a part of a sorority is the community service requirement. Working with your sisters to make a difference can change your whole perception on life. However, raising funds for your big plans or for a worthy cause can be difficult when you’re in college. But with some creativity, drive, and passion, you can take these great ideas to the next level!

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1.   Dance Marathon

Hosting a dance, social, or ball has always been a sorority must-do. But what if the party never stopped? And what if the attendees didn’t just show up, but they were sponsored to? Hosting a dance marathon takes loads of advanced pay-off and outside assistance, but it can raise huge amounts when the campus gets involved.

2.   Campus 5K

Races and fun-runs aren’t just popular with college students, but this is a great way to attract attention from a community already familiar with charity giving: runners! Promote your race around the neighborhood or on popular race sites for even more participation and entry fees.

3.   Bailout a Sister

Have a free weekend? Build a makeshift jail near the student union or cafeteria and place a couple of popular sisters (or even brothers) inside for the day. To get out, their “bail” must be paid. Get creative by adding signs of their crimes or making the jailed person annoying enough to grab attention (jail-themed music, cries for freedom, etc.).

4.   Panhellenic Olympics

Raising funds shouldn’t be done alone. Your other Greek friends can play a big role with a fun round of Panhellenic Olympics. Each sorority or frat pays to participate in fun competitions such as bed races, powderpuff football, or miniature golf.

5.   Business Partnership

While not terribly exciting, partnering with businesses is still the most effective way of bringing in quick cash. You can add a bit of a twist by hosting a BINGO night at a local bar or have your girl's guest waitress for the night.

6.   Silent Date Auction

Silent date auctions are a blast when done right. To make them fun and safe for all involved, don’t offer the girls at a free-for-all style auction on stage. Instead, make sure you set ground rules regarding the date (auction the actual date when possible, such as a gift card to a restaurant when paired with sorority sister). Most of all, don’t pressure any girl to participate who doesn’t want to – a random date can be very intimidating!

7.   Holiday Sales

There is an endless amount of ways you can use the holidays to raise funds. For example, host international students for a Thanksgiving at the house, have a caroling-on-demand troop or pass out Valentines and roses.

8.   Tailgate Cook-Off

You’re already at the games and tailgating with food and games, why not let others join in for a few bucks! Make and publicize a themed tailgate and sell your food, memorabilia and bake goods to sell to hungry football fans. It’s a touchdown for everyone!

9.   Lip Sync Night

Lip sync contests are tons of fun. Giving college kids the chance to show off their own skills can help your charity get the attention it needs. Add in costumes and dances, or throw in twists such as a spin-the-wheel song for finalists.Getting involved with a great cause is a wonderful thing for your sorority. With these ideas, you can attract not only funds but love to your charity of choice!

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Nov 6, 2015
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