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Oct 8, 2020
Dorm Decor

It’s a crisp fall day, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s move-in day at the dorm. A student unpacking his or her boxes only to realize that the old miss-match thrown together decor from over the years just doesn’t represent the adult life aesthetic.

woman sitting on bed

While the faded comforter that’s probably a few years past its prime holds many memories, but there is no time like the present to start some new ones. If you, a family member, or friend can relate to this have no fear! OMC has a few products guaranteed to jazz up any dorm room.

The Starter Pak

A beautiful bed setting from OCM’s college dorm betting selection! Image courtesy of OCM.

The starter pak, without the C because it’s hip-er. This is the basic going away package. It will uniform your bedding and provide matching bathroom towels and washcloths. This is an easy way to  give your room a color scheme and provide your choice of a theme. With 25 color options to choose from there is almost guaranteed something to satisfy your color palette preferences! Not to mention this particular package has received some rave reviews from YouTuber Kiana Robinson, who has plenty of content featuring reviews of other amazing OMC products! Check out the details of what comes in the package below for $139 + free shipping: 

  • 2 extra-long flat sheets
  • 2 extra-long fitted sheets
  • 2 standard pillowcases
  • 1 extra-fluffy machine-washable pillow
  • 1 extra-long reversible comforter
  • 1 Twin XL quilted mattress pad
  • 1 extra-long microplush blanket
  • 2 all-cotton bath towels
  • 2 matching cotton hand towels
  • 2 matching cotton washcloths

It’s the basics which is great! This way you know the student in your life has two clean sets of sheets and clean bath towels. It’s not something every college kid has, so that will definitely put your mind at ease.

The Complete Campus Pak

This option is a step above the Starter Pak with a 24 Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. It provides all of the necessities included with the starter pack but adds six additional items: 2 extra-fluffy machine-washable pillows, 2 oversized bath sheets, 1 dorm laundry bag, 2 underbed storage solutions, 1 bedside storage caddy. These are great organizers that will help declutter the dorm room, because as we all know with small places any space wasted is woefully inefficient. Besides, a dorm laundry bag is much cuter and way easier than lugging around your clothes in a laundry basket or a trash bag if you’re coming home for the weekend. Additionally machine washable pillows are great for anyone with allergies or if you just so happen to be clean freak!  

Note that for extra costs in all of the packages you can include the quilted mattress pad to provide a little extra comfort! All this for just $199 before taxes. If you just want to boost this value pak a little try the Varsity Collection! It adds a clip fan and a  flexible clip lamp for all of your work desk essentials, but contains a slightly different set of beddings material for better sleep! 

The Dean’s List Pak

This set is 31 pieces that include bedding, bath, and a few basic dorm necessities. This is similar to the Campus Pak, but as mentioned with the Varsity Collection the bedding options are slightly different. So here is the list of included with a purchase of the Dean’s List value pak to denote the a few of the differences: 

  • 2 extra-long flat sheets
  • 2 extra-long fitted sheets
  • 2 standard pillowcases
  • 2 extra-fluffy machine-washable pillows
  • 1 extra-long reversible comforter
  • 1 extra-long soft fleece throw
  • 1 extra-long quilted mattress pad
  • 1 Memory Foam mattress topper
  • 1 extra-long microplush blanket
  • 2 all-cotton bath towels
  • 2 matching cotton hand towels
  • 2 matching cotton washcloths
  • 2 oversized bath sheets
  • 1 dorm laundry bag
  • 2 underbed storage solutions
  • 1 bedside storage caddy
  • 1 basic surge protector
  • 1 first aid kit
  • 1 tool kit
  • 1 27 in. by 45 in. throw rug
  • 1 clip fan
  • 1 flexible clip lamp

What’s great about this package is that it provides a few necessities you may have forgotten or overlooked if you had gone shopping in stores like a mini tool kit, great for fixing the daily use of wear and tear on items. A surge protector for all of your extra electricity needs. First-Aid because accidents happen like papercuts and sometimes even minor burns. Best to have a First-Aid in the dorm than having to walk all the way to the Nurses’ Office to get fixed up. Also the addition of the throw rug to help make your temporary room more like home. Potentially when placed in front of the door it can be used to ensure dirt or snow isn’t tracked into the room. 

The Checklist Saver

As promised in the title the checklist saver provides almost everything a person would want to shop for when living on their own. It contains everything you loved from before, but of course the bigger the package, the extra perks. See the 3-compartment hamper great for keeping dirty laundry separate from clean or good for separating lights and darks. The new additional trash can is conveniently sized for next to desk space. There is a backrest pillow to help with the all too common struggle of young adult back pain. One hanging shoe organizer to help maximize space efficiently. Additionally there is a  hanging garment organizer good for any “professional wear” needed for presentation or internship interviews. 

Ultimate Room Collection

Ensure your family and friends are well prepared for university life by getting them college dorm bedding haul! Image courtesy of OCM.

Everything a student would want to be moved in ready conveniently located in the ultimate room collection package. It’s got a hanger set for your dry clean must-haves, over-the-door 20-pocket storage perfect for school supplies or hang it up in the bathroom and put toiletries there, the multi-versatile armored storage trunk, a mattress protector to avoid stains, and dry-erase board! Of course the Ultimate Room Collection has all your standard bedding and bath essentials picked out for maximized sleep-ability! Over all this pack has over 50 dorm room musts and comes up to $599.00 with free shipping.

The perk of the pack

OMC’s value paks make for the perfect graduation gift, birthday present, or even a winter holiday celebration gift! Image is courtesy of pexels

In case the stuff itself just isn't enough, even though it’s definitely a lot, consider these advantages when value pack shopping. Because, sometimes the best perks aren’t so easily seen or showcased! 

  1. Consider convenience

Instead of having to go out in the pre-move-in-rush of buying up dorm items in stores and having to deal with pushy customers or long check-out lines. Simply pop in your payment and shipping information and be done!  OMC provides easy convenience and shipped to you all in one neat package. Students can even choose whether to have it shipped to their house beforehand or shipped directly to their dorms. Meaning there’s a chance parents will have a little less stuffed into their car when dropping their student off at campus. A bonus of this feature is that means there is absolutely no wrong time to shake up your dorm decor. Don’t settle for drab when you can have fab! 

  1. Everything already matches

Waste no time trying to pick out a comforter that goes with your sheets or towels that go well with your room. Also avoid the worst case scenario no, not overt clashing, but when you look under the incandescent store light and think your pillow matches the covers you just bought at different stores. Only to find out too late that they are off from each other by just a few shades. The small, seemingly harmless mistake can drive a person just a little crazy if exposed to for too long. 

  1. It’s a great graduation gift

If your student is enrolled into college when they graduate high school this is perfect out of the box gift idea. It’s practical, students will use the gift daily, and again you can have it shipped! That way you won’t forget to bring or even have to lug it around. It’s a great way to help the student in your life remember that you care about them everyday. 

  1. Wide variety of color options

Unlike certain chains pushing maybe 2-3 colors most OMC bedding and bath options come in about 25 colors and prints! They also have exciting names to brag about to your friends. Just to name a few

  • Scout Gray and Xavier
  • Kyla
  • Callum Gray
  • Silas Gray
  •  Printed Kiss Pleat - Calypso and Gray (comes with the option of upcharging for a pleated comforter)
  • Wonderland 
  • Boone Black and Gray (Jersey Comforter)
  • Stanford and Burgundy
  • Silas Pink ( this color  comes with the option of upgrading to get premium cotton comforter)
  • eversible Washed Pink
  • Ashleigh Pink (comes with the option of upcharging for a pleated comforter)
  • Pink Kiss Pleat Pink and Polka Dot comes with the option of upcharging for a pleated comforter)
  • Reversible Washed Gray
  • Black and Gray
  • Keaton
  • Silas Blue (comes with the option of upcharging for a pleated comforter)
  • Rae
  • Blue Ombre
  • Light Blue and Navy
  • Navy and Oxford Stripe

With many different packages to meet luxury or cost effectiveness, variety in style, and overall practicality, an OCM college dorm haul is an iconic gift to get yourself or a loved one.

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