University of Alabama frat party, UCLA night out in Berkley, Penn State party -- or like me -- your very first time at the famous Toads in New Haven Connecticut... every college student has something to do on a Thursday through Saturday night. Keep reading for some helpful tips from my first night out that every freshman should definitely listen to.

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1. Clothing:

  • Wear clothes you will be comfy in. My mistake was wearing shoes that were not so comfy! You will be dancing and moving around for hours. Do not wear nice shirts because people will be pushing you throughout the entire night and you don't want to get it ruined! Also, if you are going to a smaller venue, be careful because it can get very hot in there so it's smart to have a hair tie on you at all times.

2. Handbag:

  • If you're like me and don't want to carry your phone around or stuff your lip gloss in your pocket, I definitely recommend bringing a small bag. I would recommend a cross-body or a small wristlet. I would not bring a big tote bag or a nice Michael Kors handbag to wherever you end up going. If you lose it or something gets spilled on you, you will not be a happy girl leaving the night. Plus, you're already in tight quarters -- don't be the person taking up extra space on the dancefloor with a big bulky tote bag!

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3. Go with people you know, leave with people you know:

  • No matter how you get there -- Ubering, shuttling, taking public transit -- I have learned it's always smart to go and leave with the same people you know. Big city or small matter what, it can be dangerous to leave by yourself. Always have at least one friend with you. Many campuses also offer free door to door shuttles or other safe transportation options at night, which is much safer than walking alone in the nighttime or finding your way to the subway.

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4. ...And if you have to break Rule #3, at least be smart about it:

  • If you choose to leave with other people -- whether they are an acquaintance from around campus or someone you hit it off with that night -- ALWAYS tell your friends where you're going and who you are going with. Although it might seem awkward, an extra safe measure would be to ask to see their student ID card just to confirm!

5. Bring cash... but not too much:

  • You don't want to be that girl who brings $80 a night out with her and spends it all. If that happens, you will be broke by the end of your first semester. You should have limits on how much money you are bringing with you that night. It is too dangerous to bring so much cash, so know how much you're bringing before you go out to hold yourself accountable.

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6. DON’T give out your number like it is a glass of milk:

  • Be careful who you give your number to. Parties are a great way to meet people (platonically and romantically!), especially in your freshman year. But that doesn't mean you have to go handing out your number to just anyone and everyone. If someone is giving off bad vibes, don't feel bad saying no. Another trick is to ask for people to give you their number instead, so the ball is in your court.

7. Enjoy yourself:

  • Be social, make friends, have a good time and enjoy every minute! Stay off your phone and try to have a fabulous time with your new friends you're making this fall.
Sep 20, 2016
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