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Aug 26, 2015
College Life

Educators are notorious for giving essays at the beginning of the school year.  It's the ideal way for them to screen everyone in the class and assess their individual strengths and weaknesses. Most of us would prefer to fall to have more (if not all) strengths, but the truth is, we all could use a little extra advice! These a few tips that are guaranteed to help you write a solid essay, and they aren't the least bit difficult. Just remember that a huge part of your grade comes from your effort, and there's no writing trick that can teach you that!

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1.  Make An Outline:  Students usually hate making outlines because they'd rather get straight to the writing. Take those extra ten minutes by putting together an outline. You might be tempted to skip it and save some time, but your grade may suffer because your essay will lack flow and organization.  Having an outline allows you to organize all of your thoughts into one fluid essay.

‚Äć2. ¬†Use A Thesaurus Moderately: ¬†Wanting to impress the teacher with some unconventional vocabulary is typically a smart move on your part. ¬†However, it's best to limit your use of thesaurus words to less than four words per paragraph; ¬†if you use any more, your teacher will notice an odd trend. ¬†Also, make sure you know the exact definition of a word before using it (otherwise, it could come back to haunt your grade).

‚Äć3. ¬†Write Introductions Last: ¬†If writing introductions gives you undue stress, just wait until you've finished all other components of your essay before tackling it. ¬†Since the introduction is essentially a summary of your essay, it will be much easier to write when you have the entire essay in front of you.What are some of your tips for writing the best essay?--Tori A. from Prep For A Day

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