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Oct 3, 2019
College Life

With all the stresses that seem to sneak up on you during your first month of college, the last thing on your mind is probably taking the time out of your super busy schedule to make friends.  Between studying, going to class, that part-time job, and dealing with the roomie, making time to get out and meet people can pretty quickly become exhausting and too time-consuming.But, having a support system of friends can totally help you deal with everything getting thrown at you left and right.  Having someone to vent to, someone to kick back with, or someone to keep you company during those late night study sessions can make a huge difference in how much enjoyable (and bearable) your college experience is.If you’re having trouble making friends during your first month of college, never fear – here are our top tips for breaking the ice and getting yourself out there.


You’re already living together – why not become friends?  Having someone that you actually are friendly with and sort of getting along with can really make college that much better.  Organizing something like a weekly dinner at the school cafeteria or a movie night every other weekend can do wonders for the both of you, even if you have totally different views on the world.Just remember - sharing a small space can be a little overwhelming, especially if you’re used to a huge room or house all to yourself.  Be conscious and courteous of your roommate’s space and be sure to give him/her time to themselves in the room without you hovering over them.


If you’ve already befriended your roommate or are definitely a no-go on doing so, try hitting up your hall mates.  What’s great about becoming friends with them is that you don’t have to actually share a room with them, so you can totally step away and have your personal space if you need it.Try leaving your doors open while you are in your room hanging out or studying – people will be more inclined to stop and chat if they can actually see you.  Or, you can totally invite a few friendly faces around for a game of Cards Against Humanity or Uno on a random night of the week.


Another great way to make fast friends is by hanging out with your classmates.  If you’re working researching for a project and need help, or simply someone to empathize with your pain at 3AM when you’re finishing the paper you procrastinated on until the night before, your classmates are totally it.Try chatting with those sitting near you in class and setting up a study session or group.  Not only will this help you extend your social reach, but also it may help improve your grades, too!


One of the easiest ways to gain fast friends is by joining up with an association.  Whether you’re trying out for a club sports team or joining the local chapter of Dumbledore’s Army, having like-minded people around you that are passionate about the same things as you will help you make friends and FAST.If you’re not sure what’s available on campus, you can always search online.  Whether you’re looking for a fraternity or sorority, or simply looking for something fun to do with a club on a weekend, there’s definitely something out there for you.


Although it may seem like you’re having a hard time making friends your first month of college – never fear.  The first month is always the hardest and rests assured that there are tons of other students out there feeling the same way.  By putting yourself out there by befriending your roommate or hall mates, forming a study group, or joining an on-campus club, you’ll totally get there in no time flat.

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