When deciding which college is a perfect match for you, make sure you consider your potential new environment. While some may thrive living in the big city or relaxing in the suburbs, others need wide-open spaces and the smaller community living of a rural college campus. The following benefits may be the reason why you should spend your time studying in the heart of the countryside.

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1.   Connect with the Outdoors

There is no better location for communing with nature than a rural college campus. From flowery meadows to forest canopies, these areas give you access to all kinds of greenery. They provide a place to explore during your off time and fresh air even when you’re busy. It’s especially beneficial to those studying natural sciences. For example, there is no better place for an aspiring veterinarian to learn than in the field working with farm animals.

2.   Take Over a Community

In rural towns, colleges dwarf the rest of the community—meaning you’ll have the benefits of a tight-knit community and an area where you can literally meet almost everybody. You may even feel right at home knowing that the town caters to its students with jobs, restaurants, and even discounts.

3.   Small Town Charm

Small towns are not the bland and boring spaces city folks like to believe them to be. Rather, rural communities offer quirky, unique experiences that define them. Maybe they celebrate Labor Day with a massive parade or host a random event like an annual strawberry fair. Whatever it is, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a brand-new culture without even having to leave the country.

4.   Campus Living

On a small-town campus, your inclusive community is waiting for you. Because there are fewer opportunities off campus, schools must make their campuses more appealing by adopting rituals and focusing on what they can do to make living in the dorms more attractive. This may include having better technology upgrades. Whatever it may be, it’s to your benefit as a student!

5.   Low Cost of Living

For those in a city, one of the major concerns is how to pay bills such as groceries, rent, and entertainment. Living in a small town gives you financial independence. You can still have a work-study job and earn enough to hit the restaurants after class. Or you can save up money to pay back your student loans faster by not having big city amenity distractions to spend your cash on.

6.   Stay Focused

Rural college campuses have all the pluses without the drama. You get the high-quality professors, excited and engaged students, and the opportunities to study abroad or perform an internship just as you would anywhere else. But the difference is that there is no other focus outside of your professional and personal goals. This location is perfect for goal setting, highly motivated individuals.Attending campus in the middle of nowhere may not seem appealing to most, but those who want all the amenities and culture of a big school will love studying in a small area. Green living, low cost, and focus on your achievements make rural college campuses a great place to grow and learn as a college student.Will you be attending a rural college? Do you currently attend a rural university? Let us know!

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Jul 29, 2015
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