From cornfields and haystacks to tall buildings and busy streets, there are nearly limitless types of college campuses for you to choose from.

Benefits of Living on a Suburban College Campus

But if you have a hard time choosing between city life and small-town living, you may want to consider a suburban college campus. Many suburbs offer the amenities of an urban area with the seclusion and tight-knit feel of a smaller or rural town. Here are benefits the suburbs offer those seeking a balance between the two.


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1.   Nature on a Smaller Scale

Because they have more space than traditional urban areas, communities outside of the city have an opportunity to focus on green spaces. This often includes access to lakes and rivers for boating and fishing; a bike path for working out; and forests with hiking trails to explore. This makes for an excellent self-contained combination for those who would rather have it all without sacrificing on Mother Nature.


2.   Access to the City

Trains, buses, car pools, and more! Getting into the heart of a city from a suburban hub is usually not more than an hour’s ride. And with so many transportation options, you’ll be able to still leave the car behind without feeling trapped. Many campuses also provide students with heavily discounted trips into an urban area to see theater shows, take in a sporting event, visit a business, or even just explore for the day. Suburbs are a great place for those who want to be near the thick of things but still be able to feel safe and comfortable with their surroundings.


3.   Boutique Shopping

More upscale suburbs, especially those surrounded by a creative and diverse university, are known for their unique shopping offerings. Handmade, homemade, antiques, and mom and pop shops are all favorites of suburban towns because it gives off a sense of community.


4.   Job Opportunity

When it comes to looking for an internship or applying for an off-campus job, rural communities certainly lack in this area. With cities, you may be competing with a huge amount of people. Studying in the suburbs, the hiring managers will know your college and the quality of students. They will be more open to giving you a shot and taking you under their wing. And unlike rural areas, there will most likely be a wider range of industries and positions from student teaching opportunities to businessmen to shadow under.


5.   Community Living

Small towns are usually known for their huge universities (especially public schools) with limited apartments or independent living choices. Urban campuses are more spread out with students who choose to live off-campus in their own housing. Suburban college campus, however, are usually self-contained with loads of options in terms of living situations. Residence life buildings will still be popular with many chances to get to know your next-door neighbor. But on the flip side, there is also the chance to live in high-quality (lower rent compared to a city) apartments.Selecting a mix between a hectic city and a lazy, quiet town doesn’t have to be difficult. By checking out what benefits the suburban college campus has to offer, you may find yourself signing up for more greenery with equal amounts of connections. With suburban colleges, you don’t have to choose between both worlds.Will you be attending a suburban college? Do you currently attend a suburban university? Let us know!

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Jul 31, 2015
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