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Sep 29, 2020
Care Packages

One of the most challenging things about college life is being able to eat properly and continuing to follow your normal diet. Nevertheless, it can be especially challenging for those who follow a gluten free, lactose free, and meat free diet. Whether you fall among any of these diets or you know someone who does, you may be aware of how hard it can be to find a variety of vegan options on campus or even at nearby stores.

Even though vegans are usually very good at coming up with plant based snacks and recipes, you should not allow yourself or the vegan in your life to restrict themselves to what they can find on campus or at the nearest grocery store. This is why care packages are the perfect solution for making sure that you and your vegan friend are being taken care of. There is nothing better than receiving a package filled with delicious snacks or even meals. A care package can make anyone feel loved and appreciated which are crucial things when you have your head deep in assignments and barely have time to look after yourself. 


Vegan Welcome Package 

This is a care package by OCM. The Vegan Welcome Pack is perfect for the first weeks of class and it doesn't matter whether you are a freshman or a senior, everyone deserves to be spoiled when the school year starts. The best part about this package is that OCM teams up with schools in order to sync with their calendars, so you don’t have to worry about your package not arriving on time! The person who receives this package will be flooded with snacks ranging from Twizzlers and Skittles to Dr. McDougall’s Cup Soups and Inka Plantain Chips. With this package, any vegan will be able to feel carefree about finding the proper snacks in-between classes or late at night while trying to adjust to their new schedule. This package costs $45 and for a total of 27 items, it is totally worth it! 


Vegan Gourmet Meal

This is a care package by Spoonful of Comfort. The Vegan Gourmet Meal is perfect for an alternative dinner option for when the dining hall food starts to get repetitive and going out to eat is not an option. Within this package you will find a 64 oz. jar of soup, ½ dozen dinner rolls, ½ cookies, and a ladle to help serve the soup and make the experience complete! 

You can also customize the package and add a personalized note so the vegan in your life can know how much you care about them! This package is perfect for anyone who has night classes and needs a quick dinner or who needs to pull an all-nighter. There is nothing better than having a meal that is completely vegan and that also tastes amazing! This package costs $69.99, but you can choose to remove the cookies and it brings the package to $59.99. 


Vegan Delight Gift Basket 

This is a care package by It’s Only Natural Gifts. The Vegan Delight Gift Basket is perfect for special occasions as not only can you customize the items in your box but also add a gift card message and a greeting card as well. Within this basket you will find Skinny Crisps Whole Shebang crackers, Hiker's Harvest Mix, Boulder chocolate chip cookies, and Bobo's Oat Bars. These are all deliciously vegan snacks that are impossible for any vegans not to love! 

The best part about this care package is that it comes with a tote bag which you can pick yourself! Anyone likes to receive gift baskets and it would make any vegan happy to know that there is an option for them out there. This gift basket is sold at $54 but the price can vary depending on whether or not you add more items to it. 

Double Vegan and Gluten Free Rice Krispies Treats™

Double the sweetest Vegan and Gluten Free treats to send to your student.  Treat House has put together the perfect assortment of 24 vegan, gluten free, non-GMO Rice Krispies Treats™ squares.  Flavors include vanilla bean, toasted coconut, chocolate chip, and s'mores.  Made in the USA.


Snack Attack Vegan Care Package 

This is a care package by Gluten Free Palace. The Snack Attack Vegan Snacks Care Package comes with 32 deliciously vegan snacks that will make any vegan happy and stocked for days! Moreover, the package itself is eco friendly which only adds to its vegan standards. Within this package you will find snacks such as popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, crackers, applesauce, and mixed nuts. 

In other words, all kinds of snacks that every vegan needs in order to keep themselves energized and satisfied while in college! All the items in this package are certified gluten free, dairy free, vegan, non gmo, and kosher so nothing is left out. Moreover, the package is eco friendly as well which makes it even more perfect. You can get it for $47.95 or the version with 20 items for $37.95. 


Vegan Out of the Blue Package

This is a care package by OCM. Similar to the Vegan Welcome Pack, the Vegan Out of the Blue Package has everything that a vegan could ask for and more as this one allows you to surprise the vegan in your life throughout the semester. Moreover, it can be especially nice to send one during midterms or finals week! There is nothing like making a friend or a loved one feel special by sending them their favorite snacks and letting them know that everything will be okay and that they are not alone. 

Within this package you will find 26 items ranging from Charm Blow Pops, Twizzlers, and Skittles to Made Good Granola Minis, Real Deal Veggie Chips, and Hippeas ChickPea White Cheddar Puffs. It costs $40 and you can add a personalized greeting card. 


Vegan Snack Gift Box

This is a care package by Elevate Snack Box. The Vegan Snack Gift Box can be found on Etsy and comes with 20 vegan snacks ranging from cookies, fruit bars, chips, nuts, and veggie stix. Basically, everything that a vegan loves and needs! The idea of this care package is that everything within it is so delicious that you might forget that they are vegan! 

It may be hard to believe, but it is hard to find the perfect vegan snacks and this package contains a little bit of everything to make sure that any vegans will love it. Plus, you can add a personalized note just so the vegan in your life can know how much you matter to them. This care package costs $41.97. 


Snack Smart Care Package

This is a care package by Love With Food. The Snack Smart Care Package comes in two different sizes, Tasting with 7+ snacks and Deluxe with 15+ snacks, and has subscription options as well. However, what is different about these packages is that there is no way to know what you will be receiving as every package comes with different surprises! So, this is the perfect gift for vegans who do not mind trying different things and who are willing to become acquainted with a variety of options. Nevertheless, this package is perfect to keep things interesting and exciting which is something that every college student strives to do. The Tasting box is sold for $7.99/$9.99 and the Deluxe box is sold for $16.50/$19.95. 

Vegan Chocolate Chip Mini Rice Krispies Treats™

These delicious Rice Krispies Treats™ are Vegan, Gluten Free, and non-GMO.  AND they're chocolate chip flavored!  They're the perfect treat for your favorite sweet lover with special dietary needs.  Made in the USA.


Deluxe Vegan Care Package 

This is a care package by Bunny James Boxes. The Deluxe Vegan Box is every vegan’s dream as it comes with a variety of 30 deliciously vegan items. Within this package you will find items such as  Munk Pack Oatmeal Fruit Squeeze, Mamma Chia Squeeze Vitality Snack, Kapop Ancient Grain Popped Chips, Primal Strips Meatless Jerky, and Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars. Therefore, this care package makes sure that any vegan is packed with everything they need and will last them for days! Any vegan college student would be ecstatic to receive a package such as this one! Currently, it is on sale for $59.99, but it usually sells for $67.99.


Vegan Vibes Care Package

This is a care package by OCM. Following the lines of the previously mentioned packages, Vegan Welcome and Vegan Out of the Blue, the Vegan Vibes Care Package doesn’t disappoint. This package is perfect for helping any vegans maintain a balanced and healthy diet while in college, which we already know that can be very difficult. 

Not only is this package absolutely cute, but all items within the package are guaranteed to be 100% vegan and you can expect to find Dr. McDougall’s Big Cup Soup, Larabars, Real Deal Veggie Chips, and many more amazing vegan snacks! This package is perfect to help vegan students stay energized and alert throughout the school year. It costs $55 and you can personalize a greeting card! 

Everyone knows how stressful college is but people may not realize how small gestures such as sending a care package can make a difference! Therefore, you should not be afraid to treat someone you care about with little treats which will not only keep them healthy, energized, and motivated, but will also show them how much you care!

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