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May 11, 2020
Dorm Decor

An empty college dorm room is one of the most unappealing and perhaps frustrating sights -- it’s completely empty, dull and lifeless with few furniture items and most importantly, those daunting bare, white walls. Your dorm room is the place where you will be spending most of your time. You will sleep, study, eat, get ready for the day, and have friends over all in the same room. Because of this it is important to decorate your room to your exact liking so it showcases your unique personality and can be a cozy and safe space that makes you feel your best. 

Oftentimes, our dorm room can turn into our personal hideaway, so if we’re going to be spending significant amounts of time there, it is essential to have a room we love that makes us feel comfortable. 

The best way to reflect ourselves in a dorm space is through wall decor. It is important to have wall decorations because no one wants to stare at four white walls all year. Sometimes it can be difficult to decide what to do with the wall space because there are so many options. We’ve put together a list of items that will help make your dorm room a liveable reflection of you and hopefully inspire you to do something awesome with your wall space. So, sit back, relax, check out the items below and get the decorating ideas flowing! 

Hang a Tapestry

Let’s start big with some colorful dorm tapestries. 

A tapestry is a great way to hide drab dorm walls and introduce a pop of color. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $30.99

Dorm Wall Space Needed: about 89 x 80 inches.

Dorms rooms come in all different shapes and sizes, so you may have a lot of wall space to cover. For this reason you may want to look into getting a tapestry. They are great for a number of reasons, they cover a significant amount of wall space, look great as the centerpiece of any wall and are always sure to catch your eye! This is the perfect way to make a bold statement about what you like. Tapestries come in a variety of colors and designs that can match the color scheme or aesthetic you’re going for. 

However, you might not want to make such a bold statement with a large tapestry. But there’s no need to worry, you can still accomplish your tapestry dreams with one on a smaller scale. These more modestly sized tapestries look great in any space and work well with other decor items. 

Smaller tapestries add personality but don’t require as much space on your dorm room wall. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $17.99 

Dorm Wall Space Needed: about 32 x 18 inches.

Tell your friends what kind of space you’re going for with this positive vibes tapestry that will add a beachy and modern feel to your room. Whichever size you prefer, a tapestry is sure to make a great addition to any dorm room wall. 

Hang Interactive Decor 

Customize your adventures with the Mappit Wall Decor. 

Maps that let you show off where you’ve been (or where you would like to go!) are great conversation starters. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $40.00

Dorm Wall Space Needed: 33 x 16 inches.

Caught a travel bug? With this stamped metal map, you can bring your love of travel into your dorm space. Many of us have travelled to different parts of the world or want to during our college careers. Many colleges and universities offer study abroad or other travel opportunities that students can take advantage of. Travelling can be a huge part of one’s personality so reflecting that in a space is important to feel comfortable.This piece of wall decor allows you to individually select places on the map that you’ve been to and even add pictures that you cherish. Or use it differently and mark the spots that you’re dying to see next!

Another way to add some personal flair to your dorm room is to include a photo collage in your dorm wall decor. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $30.99

Dorm Wall Space Needed: comes on two sheets that measure 17.25 x 39 inches.

Still riding the travel wave, maybe you haven’t been able to go anywhere yet and the customizable map isn’t for you. This photo set includes pictures from cities all around the world. This lets you have the cities you dream of visiting right on your dorm room wall. You could even take it a step further by turning this map into a DIY project -- add some fairy lights to accentuate the map then place cute stickers around your favorite destinations. 

Place a Motivational Quote 

Bask in your mantra. 

College classes got you down? Create a relaxing haven in your dorm room by hanging your personal mantra on the wall. Image courtesy of OCM.

Price: $30.00

Dorm Wall Space Needed: 26.7 x 7.6 cm

Most of us have at least one motivational quote that we love. Sometimes we set quotes as our phone screen backgrounds, computer wallpaper, and caption pictures with them. Now we can bring motivational quotes right to our living space. College is the place for discovering what you love and receiving an education to prepare for a future of loving what you do. So, this mantra quote above is perfect for bringing positivity and inspiration to our dorm space. Made out of black metal, this piece is great for an off-the-wall 3D effect that will make any room pop. 

Peel and stick decorations are a great way to spice up your dorm room walls without forfeiting your damage deposit. Image courtesy of OCM.

Price: $17.99

Dorm Wall Space Needed: 19.5 x 17.25 x 0.025 inches

If you don’t want to fuss with hanging a metal piece on the wall, there are other options to get your favorites quotes in your dorm space. There are many peel and stick pieces that you can place directly on the wall in whatever fashion you prefer. This quote about karma brings a light energy and reminds you to be your best self and show kindness even during the hard and stressful times that college can bring. A motivational quote is always a great way to keep an upbeat and positive energy in your dorm room. 

Small Scale Decorations 

We started big, now we’re working small.

Go 3D with your dorm wall decor when you add creative accents like these dragonflies. Image courtesy of OCM.

Price: $10.00 

Dorm Wall Space Needed: Different sizes

After you have gotten all of your large wall decor items, it’s time to start with the fine details. Maybe you are left with a small empty space or want to accentuate a larger piece, either way these small dragonflies, which come in a set of eight with four different sizes, are a great way to add details to your dorm room. They can be placed in any style, direction, location -- the possibilities are endless. This piece allows you to explore your own creativity and gives you a chance to use them however you prefer. 

Butterflies transform your dorm room wall into a relaxing garden paradise. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $10.00

Dorm Wall Space Needed: Different sizes

If you’re anything like me and you prefer to decorate mainly with neutrals, you’re probably in need of a pop of color. Similar to the dragonfly wall decor, these butterflies offer the same idea -- they come in a set of nine and have three different sizes. You can decorate a small space or use them to highlight another piece. The difference is in the color. These butterflies will make a black, white or other neutral piece pop and are perfect for adding some springy colors to your room during any season. They also come in white if you prefer not to deviate from your chosen color scheme!

Play Around With Some Wallpaper

Customize your dorm room with your favorite wallpaper.

Tired of boring dorm room walls? Cover them up! Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $49.99 

Dorm Wall Space Needed: comes in a 20.5 x 18 foot roll

Maybe you want one large sleek and easy way to cover your wall space without having to buy individual pieces. Wallpaper is a fun and unique way to personalize your dorm room to look its absolute best. This is also a great way to express your individuality and the best part is -- the options are almost endless. 

Wallpaper is sure to be a conversation starter with anyone who enters your room because it is few and far between in college dorms. It comes as a peel and stick adhesive and is residence hall approved so you won’t cause any damage to the wall during move-out at the end of the year. This Mountain Birch wallpaper allows you to bring nature inside and surround yourself with a birch tree forest of your own. For the nature-lovers who thrive outdoors, connecting with nature indoors will create a tranquil and comfortable space that is essential on a stressful college campus. 

Red brick dorm wall paper makes any dorm room feel more chic instantly. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $49.99

Dorm Wall Space Needed: comes in a 20.5 x 18 foot roll

This West End Brick wallpaper represents a classic red brick exposed wall. It could be used to create a mini office space within your dorm by placing your desk against it or any way that makes you feel the coziest. 

Dorm room walls can feel old and drab, but covering them with marble wallpaper makes any dorm room instantly feel more elegant. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $49.99

Dorm Wall Space Needed: comes in a 20.5 x 18 foot roll

This Carrara Marble wallpaper makes a light but elegant statement and looks expensive. Marble goes great with a number of different colors and will accentuate your whole room. It also doesn’t have to be used as wallpaper -- it can be used to cover furniture like tables and other flat surfaces like a door or cabinet. 

Dorm room wall paper comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your dorm decor. Image courtesy of OCM

Price: $39.95

Dorm Wall Space Needed: comes on two 17.25 x 39 inch sheets

This Geo Scales Wall Decal behaves similarly to wallpaper, but takes up less wall space if you don’t want to cover a whole wall in paper. It sticks to the wall but is removable and damage free. It can also be positioned horizontally or vertically -- dealer’s choice! This will add a nice touch of neutral color and a cool, organic design to your wall. 

There are a number of options when it comes to decorating the wall space in your dorm room. From tapestries to geographic maps and photo maps to quotes, decorative accessories and wallpaper -- there is so much to choose from! 

Hopefully this list has allowed you to narrow down some of your favorites and given you ideas on how to personalize your dorm room to look and feel its best all semester long! Additions can always be made as the semester goes along if you get bored with your current wall decorations and want to get some fresh ones -- or if you decide to change your whole dorm room aesthetic over winter break.

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