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Jul 24, 2020
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For many college students, including myself, a dorm room is not just a place to sleep, it is a canvas that portrays who the person is that lives there. One of the most exciting things freshman year is figuring out how you’ll be setting up your room, what you want to include for decorations, and if you’re anything like me, figuring out how you’ll be hosting Sunday football watch parties.

Unfortunately, many incoming freshmen will be starting off their college careers from home but that does not need to mean staying in your childhood bedroom. I want to help transform your bedroom back home into the best possible dorm room bedroom possible.

Keep reading for my dorm room essential picks:

  • Cute and cozy dorm room comforters
  • The one pillow that every college student needs
  • Adding some style to your dorm decor with lights
Decorating your dorm room is one of the many exciting parts of starting college. You don’t have to miss out on that opportunity just because your freshman year is starting at home!

Know Where to Shop for Dorm Decor

For starters, you have to know where to shop to get all the necessities. If you’re looking to knock out all your needs in one swoop, look no further than They will have everything you could ever need to transform your bedroom.

Like myself, most college students are balling on a budget and trying to get the most bang for their buck. With that in mind, we’re going to get this transformation done with a budget of $150.

Choosing the Right Bedding

Ari’s Pick: Martex Luxury Micro Brushed Hotel Sheet Set

Price: $24.99 | Cart Total: $24.99

Alright let's get to it. To start off, the most important thing is your bed itself. It needs to be comfortable enough that you can lay in there for hours on end either watching lectures, hopping on a zoom class, or getting work done. 

Because of that, the first thing we’re going to be getting is the Martex Luxury Micro Brushed Hotel Sheet set. It’s $24.99 and for that price, it is an absolute steal. You’ll be more comfortable than ever, and you’ll be thankful you got these sheets.

Say goodbye to your highschool sheets and buy them here.

Everyone Needs a Good Backrest Pillow

Ari’s Pick: Faux Rabbit Plush Backrest

Price: $19.95 | Cart Total: $44.94

Next, we’re going to be continuing on the comfort in your own bed trend and grabbing the Plush Backrest Pillow for $19.95. This pillow makes it possible to sit up in bed and not have your back start to hurt all while comfortably laying back a little bit on your new life changing pillow. I can not say enough about having one of these. Trust me, you’ll be wondering how you survived before having one.

Upgrade your study sessions and get one for yourself here.

Add Some Flair with Tapestries, Lights, Collegiate Decor, and More

Now that we’ve handled comfort, it’s time to start expressing yourself. There are plenty of options out there to let you turn your room at home into your dream dorm room, so be sure to find pieces that really speak to you! Here are a few of my favorites.

Ari’s Pick: Positive Vibes Wall Tapestry

Price: $17.99 | Cart Total: $62.93

As someone who likes to be easygoing and positive, my next pick is the Positive Vibes Tapestry for $17.99. While it may seem simple, a wall decoration like this speaks volumes to who you are as a person and can make your room feel more complete as well. You will love the way it adds to the ambiance of your room and I can guarantee many compliments as well.

Forget about negativity and grab a Positive Vibes tapestry here.

Ari’s Pick: Yeti School Rambler

Price: $39.99 | Cart Total: $102.92

While on the theme of self expression, not being at school in no way needs to mean not repping your school every second of every day. We’re going to combine two college essentials right now: coffee and school spirit. The 20oz Yeti Rambler can be purchased on the OCM website for $39.99 and has many school logos to choose from. You can wake up for your dreaded 8am class and be sipping on your iced coffee in style all while repping your school.

Fuel your study sessions at home and on campus and find your school’s rambler here.

Ari’s Pick: 50 Light LED String Lights

Price: $19.95 | Cart Total: $122.87

Finally, last but not least, we have string lights. I can not say this enough: no dorm room is complete without lights. They create the most relaxing atmosphere, light up your room in a whole new way, and most importantly, look really cool. At $19.95, the pack of 50 Light LED String Lights is the cherry on top for your new room back home.

Light up your dorm room when you pick up these LED string lights here.

Turning your bedroom into the ultimate at-home dorm room doesn’t have to break the bank -- building a new look for your room can cost as little as $150.

When looking at everything we got today, we covered comfort, self-expression, and style all while staying $26 under our budget! Don’t forget to show off your new room on social media and tag us @ocmcollegelife so we can see your finished product!

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