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Jul 15, 2016

The days are ticking down ‘til your college student heads back to the dorm -- but there's still plenty of time to shop! College gear isn’t just hoodies and tees with a university emblazoned on chest. These days, the options are almost endless with classic favorites and more sophisticated items you can even show off at the office. We picked our top college gear that any parent will love, so get your shopping cart ready.

1.   Pullover Workout Gear

Sweatshirts are essential college gear, even for parents, but the truth is that many parents aren’t into that whole casual look. If you prefer something a bit more versatile, check out these Valspar pullover hoodies in school colors and featuring miniature logos. It’s warm enough to take out on a walk but moisture-wicking if you plan on bringing it to the gym. Plus it comes in men’s and women’s sizing making sure it fits your body perfectly.

2.   Rec Room Wall Art

Decorating a more relaxed space can be tricky when trying to decide how to dress up the walls. But with your student away at college, you can have a little piece of them in their favorite hangout space with wall art from their university. Done in bright, bold colors with beautifully designed logos and imagery, you’ll love incorporating these pieces of art into your design and showing them off while hosting friends. Plus, it’s a sweet homage to your student when they’re not at home.

3.   Barbecue Accessories

You may be the reigning Grill Master in your family, but can you claim to be that out of all the other moms and dads at your child’s college? You’ll need to get your grill on with a BBQ set perfect for hosting backyard grill parties for all of your student’s friends and professors. These BBQ sets come with stainless steel spatula, tongs, basting brush, and fork with university logo and colors.

4.   Cornhole Games

Who says your student has to have all the fun? Backyard BBQs or trips to fall tailgating is not complete without a set of cornhole stands. There are so many unique designs to choose from ranging from vintage to metal coolness. Ours even comes with the cornhole bags in school colors to amp up your party and make it ready to go straight from the box.

5.   Car Décor

Throw away that faded “honor roll” bumper sticker. They stop handing those out once your kid graduates high school. Instead, upgrade to car swag that really shows off your pride. From steering wheel covers to floor paneling, you can deck your vehicle out from top to bottom with your school’s logo and colors.

6.   Spirit Throw Blanket

That ratty old blanket your college kid loves to bring to tailgating sessions doesn’t really hold up on the back of your couch. That’s why we love the classier take with stripes and school colors to get you into the spirit. Take this black and gold version. It’s made of a heavy material perfect for keeping you warm on the sidelines or snuggling under for movie night at home.

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