WELCOME BACK FRESHMAN!!-- What does second semester look like for you? 8 AM's every day or 9 PM classes? Making new friends or maybe even joining a sorority/fraternity? Say goodbye to sleeping in every day in your nice comfy, big bed at home and say hello to eating pizza for breakfast and cereal for dinner. You'll get back into the swing of things...soon...hopefully...I promise.

1. First Day of Classes-Don't be that kid who shows up five minutes late the first day of classes. Not a good first impression

2. Remember what your teachers taught you from your first semester- Whether it was remembering the proper grammar to use in a sentence or becoming organized.3. Caf food for any time, any day- Pancakes for dinner, pizza for breakfast... who cares. Your parents aren't there to stop you.

4. Budget yourself- You now know how much money you spent last semester. Know your limits. Spend wisely this semester on EVERYTHING. 5. Mental Breakdown- What would college be like without pulling your hair, wearing different socks... or shoes to class and crying to your mom how hard college is? Don't worry. We will all get through it.

6. Sleep, sleep counting sheep- Don't forget... sleep is also important too.7. Weekend treat- After a long week of hard work, you get a nice reward by treating yourself to a nice weekend of a fun time with friends at home or an out and about, night.

8.WORKOUT- No excuses this semester. Summer is around the corner... Get that beach body for summer 2017 on!

9. Stay up to date on what is going on- Even though Netflix is nice, you're in college. Be aware of what is happening around the world.10. Do not second guess yourself- Be confident. New Semester. New Teachers.

Hope everyone has a great start to a second semester!!!!

xoxo ariel

Jan 31, 2017
College Life

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