Here's what college life is like explained the hit TV series "Jane the Virgin." These many examples are what our daily life is actually like... Thanks, Jane, Xo, Alba and the whole crew...

1. The day you leave for college

This is the day your mother tells you to be careful no matter what happens from this day forward.

2. Frist week of school

When it's so hot out that you can't even sleep in your newly bought PJs at  nighttime...

3. First day of classes

You're the one person who makes the most noise when it's your first day of classes for the semester.

4. First test

When you ace your first test...

5. $$$

When you realize you have zero dollars in your bank account... you're officially a broke college student

6. Sunday morning

Well, this explains everyone's Sunday morning just as Jane would... Saturday's are rough nights in college.

7. 8 a.m.

When you miss your first 8 a.m...

8. Food

All Jane and her mom want is grilled cheese.... so do us college students 24/7.

10. Awkward encounters

When you run into *that* guy or girl around campus.

11. Midterms

The most stressful week of your life consists of you not wanting to socialize.

12. Family

First time seeing your family in a few months since they left you for your first day of college

13. Finals Week

Thank goodness it's over...Petra was at least happy in her case.Well, If Petra survived the birth of her children and Jane accompanying her then I guess we all can survive...Hope you all enjoyed!!!

Mar 30, 2017
College Life

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