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Aug 26, 2020
Dorm Bedding

Walking into your college dorm room is exciting, but it also might be... underwhelming. With white walls, boring flooring, and basic furniture, it’s a completely blank slate. It takes work to make a dorm room feel like home, and more importantly, it takes color! Colorful dorm bedding and decor is the easiest way to show off your personality in your dorm room.

Colorful Dorm Bedding Ideas & Inspiration for 2020

Whether you want your whole room to reflect your favorite color, you’re ready to show off some school spirit with your college’s colors, or you’ve coordinated with your roommate to design the ultimate dorm, it’s easier than you might think to make your room #DormGoals.

Creating a dorm room that you actually want to hang out in doesn’t have to be hard. When you choose a bedding and bath bundle to build your room around, it’s easy to stock up on essentials without breaking the bank, giving you more wiggle room to finish decorating.

Here are some Insta-inspired dorm room ideas, and our take on how to recreate them. We’ll show you:

  • Dorm room looks in all your favorite colors
  • Colorful bedding packages to help you stick to your budget while going all out
  • Dorm decor and accent pieces in every color of the rainbow

Seeing Red

Go Bold with Bright Red Bedding + Neutral Accents inspired by @bedding_by_nerrisa

Red and navy is a classic dorm decor combination -- they’re autumn colors, which is perfect for the academic year, and they can be incorporated into girls’ rooms and guys’ rooms alike. We love the bold colors in this look offset by neutral accent pieces to keep the room from feeling too busy or overwhelming. After all, at the end of the day, even the boldest of dorm rooms is a place to unwind and rest!

Get the look with this colorful and convenient 7 piece dorm bedding bundle, cozy textured throw, and super soft red velvet throw pillow. Click to shop!

Orange You Glad You Went with Colorful Dorm Decor?

Brighten Up Your Day Every Day with Orange Decor inspired by @ponderbird

College life is stressful. Between heavy course loads, homework, being away from loved ones, and trying to figure out what the heck you want to do with your life, college can sometimes leave you feeling gloomy and gray. Incorporating cheerful colors like orange and relaxing, nature-inspired elements into your room transforms your dorm into a restful oasis -- the perfect place to unwind or cheer up after a long day.

Get the look with this fun orange tapestry, vibrant orange rug, colorful dorm room bed and bath set, bold accent pillow, and pretty gold sunshine print. Click to shop!

When Life Gives You Lemons

Stay Cheerful with Sunny Yellow Dorm Decor Inspired by @president.lay

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! What better way to make the most of your dorm room than by using it to showcase your fun, sunny personality? Dress up neutral items with bold colors. Sunflower decorations and yellow accent pieces will turn any dorm room into a cheerful haven -- no matter how dull and drab your room starts out.

Get the look with this cheerful silk sunflower LED garland, neutral bedding set to offset your bright accents, cozy chunky knit yellow throw blanket, and zodiac-inspired tapestry . Click to shop!

Go Green

Relaxing Tropical Dorm Decor inspired by @awkwardlyvain

Whether you’re an ecology major, proud plant mom to a windowsill full of adorable succulents, or just want to bring a little bit of the outdoors in, a green dorm room is the perfect option. Research suggests that humans find nature relaxing -- so if you’re feeling stressed out by the upcoming semester, consider giving your dorm room an upgrade that leaves your friends feeling green with envy.

Get the look with this tropical leaf shower curtain, neutral bedding set, collection of easy to care for extra small dorm room plants, and forest-inspired birch wallpaper . Click to shop!

We’ve Got the Blues

Fun Blue Dorm Decor inspired by @itsallforvsco

It’s not quite ocean views, but it’s close. Blue decor is well-known for creating a calm environment where you can unwind and relax, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, too. Incorporate a variety of shades of blue to add some interest to your dorm room decor while keeping your color scheme as relaxing as lying out on the beach.

Get the look with this subtle tie-dye blue bedding, a contemporary blue rug, blue desk organization tools, and a pretty blue wall tapestry. Click to shop!

The Royal Treatment

Pretty Purple Dorm Decor Fit for a Queen inspired by @organobucks

Hear ye, hear ye! Purple is the color of royalty, and it’s also a great option for designing a dorm room that really shows off your personality. Deep jewel tones, intricate tapestry designs, and textured accents give this room plenty of visual interest. Plus, you can feel good about splurging on royalty-worthy dorm room bedding when you purchase it in a bundle -- getting your bed and bath supplies together is an easy way to save a little money without sacrificing quality.

Get the look with this purple bedside storage trunk, colorful floral bedding bundle, purple wall tapestry, fuzzy throw pillow, and cozy micro fleece throw blanket. Click to shop!

Thinking Pink

Girly Pink Dorm Decor inspired by @micah.leia

Our favorite Harvard Law grad Elle Woods would think making your dorm room anything other than pink is seriously disturbed. Add a little feminine flair to your college dorm room with colorful pink details. Your dorm room is a reflection of your personality, and if you consider yourself a girly girl, pink dorm decor is a no brainer!

Get the look with this pink diamond wallpaper, pastel pink bedding, bright pink dorm room rug, and colorful pink throw pillows. Click to shop!

Black and White and Gold All Over

Striking black and white dorm decor inspired by @tessyla1

Some people shy away from black and white dorm decor because they’re afraid it will look boring, but that’s just not true! Sticking to a simple color palette -- like black and white with metal accents thrown in -- opens up tons of possibilities for decorating your dorm room. Go bold with mismatched prints and textures -- since everything is still the same colors, your dorm room decor will still look like it belongs together in the end.

Get the look with this furry black and silver throw blanket, gold foil tropical leaf throw pillow, black and gray bedding bundle, fun black and gold pizza pillow, and luxe faux leather headboard. Click to shop!

Rainbow Dorm Decor

Can’t get more colorful than this! Inspired by @mexicaliblues

We’ve put together lots of fun, colorful bedding ideas for your dorm room… but what if you just can’t choose? It might be time to consider going with the ultimate colorful decor -- rainbow dorm decorations. Try to make sure the general aesthetic of your pieces matches. For example, colorful boho pieces will look good with other colorful boho pieces, but if you’d rather go modern, it would be a good idea for all of your rainbow decor to be modern. With so many colors involved, it’s important to tone down other elements of your dorm decor like texture and contrast so that the room looks put together and doesn’t become overwhelming.

Get the look with this watercolor rug, color-changing LED lights, colorful mandala bedding set, colorful dorm room tapestry, and beautifully crocheted rainbow fringe blanket . Click to shop!

Turning the completely blank slate that is your dorm room into a cozy room full of color and personality can be tricky, but we hope these Instagram-inspired dorm ideas have helped you decide which direction you want to go. Colorful dorm bedding packages are a great way to add a splash of color to your room with just one click (and without breaking the bank!) With countless options to pick from, we’re sure you’ll find the look that really fits your personality. Good luck!!

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