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May 28, 2015
College Life

When living in a college dorm, you learn a thing or two about efficiency.

communal dorm bathroom essentials

You learn how to simplify your belongings and maximize a given limited space. Another challenge of living in the dorm rooms is the communal bathrooms. Many dorms have one bathroom that is shared by the entire hallway or floor, and it can contain a few toilet and shower stalls. The challenge here is limited privacy and being forced to keep all of your toiletries with you at all times. Don’t get caught without the essential bathroom items that will help to make your communal experience as comfortable as possible.

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  1. Shower Caddy

This is the most essential bathroom item to bring with you. You will need a shower caddy to transport all of your toiletries and shower goods with you to and from the bathroom. These caddies come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The type of caddy you get is really a matter of personal preference. Your selection depends on how many things you will be bringing into the shower with you as well as your preferred level of organization. Pop-up caddies are one common choice, but you may want to look for a tote with more compartments if you want to keep your items in order.

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  1. Bath Sandals

When living in the dorms you learn to share, but one thing that you do not want to share is a foot fungus. Showering barefoot is not recommended in communal bathrooms. Any cheap pair of flip-flops for showering will do here, but you can also look for bath sandals that have a non-slip feature and are designed specifically for this purpose.

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  1. Bathrobe

A bathrobe is a good to have with you so you are not forced to wander the halls in nothing but a towel. This will give you a little more privacy and comfort, especially if your floors are co-ed. In addition to privacy and comfort, bathrobes are great for staying dry, and will allow you to finish performing your bathroom routine without the inconvenience of trying to hold up your towel. Cotton or terrycloth robes are your best options here. You can even find a terrycloth sarong that has an elastic band to will provide a reliable hold.

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  1. Towels

This is an obvious statement, but you will need to bring towels with you into the shower. What may be less obvious to some is the different types of towels you will need. You will need a large towel to dry off after the shower. Ladies may want a medium-sized towel to wrap hair up. Smaller hand towels are good for cleaning jobs such as washing your face and hands or brushing your teeth. Plus, the smaller versions provide a convenience factor so you don’t need to lug larger items with you to the bathroom just to wash your face in the morning or before you go to bed. Look for a towel set that contains multiple towel sizes for your different bathroom activities.Image 1

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