Dorm rooms are small. Squeezing in all of your clothes, school supplies, and knickknacks might be a real challenge, especially since half the space belongs to your new roommate. But it can be done. You just have to find a way to neatly organize everything.Find a Spot for all your Belongings:Everything you own, from your laptop to your dirty laundry, should have a designated place in your dorm. Don't just throw your stuff everywhere when you unpack, make sure you know where each thing belongs.

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Bring Extra Shelves and Hooks:Since wardrobe space is limited, extra hanging shelves to place folded sweaters, pants, etc. are always a good idea. You can put twice as much stuff in the same place with these shelves. Also, don't forget to bring along sticky hooks for the wall as well as over the door hangers. These tools will come in useful throughout the year, especially if you have bulky winter coats and wet towels to hang.Make Use of the Space under your bed:Don't waste even a single inch of space in your dorm. Under the bed storage bins will

allow you to stow away out of season clothes, handbags, and school supplies that you don't use everyday. These storage bins are out of sight, but they're not hard to get into when you need to find something quickly.Colorful storage Boxes:Brightly colored storage boxes might be the perfect addition to your dorm. Place them on your bookshelf, desk, or on top of your wardrobe to add even more storage space to your room. You can easily toss the things that just don't have a home into these bins.Organize your shoes:Don't just leave your shoes in a pile on the floor or kick them under the bed. Instead bring along a shoe organizer that will make it easy for you to put them away and find them when your running late for class.

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Jun 1, 2012
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