The “it” color of 2016 is coral. It’s bright and fun but still an earth-tone at heart. We especially love it when it’s in the Catalina mandala pattern found in our popular bedding paks. If you’re digging this boho style, we’ve got plenty ideas on what to match it up with. Here are our 7 favorite accessories to pair with Catalina Coral!

1. Shag Rugs

Coral pink-orange isn’t the first color you might think of when you picture the ‘60s and ‘70s, but when put in the mandala theme, you’ve got an updated look perfect for dorm rooms. Why not pair it with another throwback favorite, the shag rug? It’s an added texture that, when done in a subtle color like white or tan, adds a new focal piece to the room.

2. Nautical Touches

Coral wouldn’t be coral without the sea-themed name. And while we usually think nautical in blue, white, and red, you can still add your love of the beach with sand jars, bookends shaped as starfish, and wall decor that looks like it came straight from the boat.

3. Funky Accent Pillows

The mandala is already funky so why not take it over the top? Looking at the mandala pattern, you can see a ton of colors to work with including navy, teal, yellow, and orange. Scatter pillows in various patterns within this color scheme around your room to highlight your more adventurous design side.

4. Blue and Brown Wall Art

We love how navy looks when it’s paired with dainty coral. Create your own inspirational posters or prints of nautical images with navy and white. Add it to a brown, old school style frame and you’ve got a look that is straight out of a magazine.

5. Vintage or Upcycled Mirrors

Keep the “old school” theme going with vintage mirrors. You can DIY this by reusing an unused frame (or one found at a garage sale). Spray paint it in the colors we’ve already mentioned and then add a mirror to complete. Multiple mirrors around the room brighten the space up so don’t hold back on just one!

6. Gold Desk Supplies

It seems like coral should clash with gold and mandala patterns. However, the sophisticated jewel tone actually blends in well with the softened look. We recommend an art deco style gold lamp with a white lampshade or gold-toned supply holders. You can make your own by using a glass or a jar, taping a pattern, and then spray painting it in gold.

7. Neutral and Modern Pairings

If you’re not a fan of bold and loud, Catalina Coral is still for you! The trick is to pair it with neutrals instead of bold tones. Go for linen curtains or white accent furniture. Add in touches of gray, such as in your storage solutions (under the bed, hanging in your closet, or even in crates). Simple items like cream colored hand towels or a clean and crisp white board all make the room feel bigger, brighter, and more centered. Who would have known you could do so much with the Catalina Coral pattern!To shop for twin XL bedding supplies in Catalina Coral and other brand new patterns exclusive to OCM, visit our website!

May 20, 2016
Dorm Decor

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