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Aug 17, 2020
Dorm Bedding

Preparing for college move-in-day can be a stressful time -- colleges and universities typically send students a list of everything you should purchase before you arrive. Sometimes the list can be extensive and overwhelming, not to mention, pricey!

Dorm Bedding Packages: The Top 7 Must Haves

Fortunately, college bedding packages exist to make securing all of these items effortlessly easy and much cheaper than buying everything individually. These packages get all of your most essential items out of the way with one purchase -- comforters, pillows, sheets, blankets, towels, mattress toppers, laundry and storage supplies, and more. 

Before you take the plunge, make sure you’ve picked out a dorm room bedding package that will actually fit your needs. There are lots of things to consider:

  • How to tell if a dorm room bedding package is high quality
  • Finding a dorm bedding package that fits your style
  • Strategies for saving money on dorm decor
Dorm room bedding packages can save you more $$$ than buying all your essential items separately. 

Understanding Dorm Bedding Package Quality

Thread Count and Fabric and Weaves, oh my!

Not all sheets are created equal, and there are multiple types of sheets on the market. So, you need to find the right sheets that fit your needs. Thread count indicates the number of vertical and horizontal rows per square inch, so the higher the thread count, typically the softer the sheet. A good thread count can range anywhere from 200-1,000. Cotton fabric with extra-long fibers is known to be the highest quality sheet. There are also a number of different weaves, such as microfiber and jersey, which are some of the most common sheets for college. 

Thread Count and Dorm Room Bedding Packages: What You Need to Know

So, if the higher the thread count, the softer the sheet, I need the highest thread count right? Wrong. This is only college, so after four years you may have no need for your twin xl sheets. So, 200 thread count sheets from a reputable brand will support you with softness until graduation. If you want to purchase a higher quality set of sheets, 300-400 thread count can be some of the best. 

Choosing a Fiber or Fabric that Will Be Comfy All Year Round

As we’ve said, high quality cotton with extra-long fibers are considered the best sheets. There is also combed cotton, which removes the short fibers. We’ve also mentioned that common sheets for college students are microfiber and jersey. Microfiber is made of fine fibers of polyester, which is soft, affordable, and resistant to pilling. However, it is less breathable than cotton, so if you frequently like to flip your pillow to the cold side -- this may not be the best option for you. Jersey is a T-shirt material, so basically like sleeping on your favorite T-shirt! This material is breathable due to it being knit as opposed to woven. 

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Dorm Room Bedding Package

When buying a dorm bedding package, realistically consider what you think your needs will be for the upcoming semester. Bedding packages can be as simple or as extensive as you want them to be. For example, if you’re only looking for the bedding basics, don’t go with a package that includes, bath, laundry, and storage needs. The best way to get the biggest bang for your buck is to know exactly what you need and pick the option that most closely resembles that. 

  • Microfiber 3-Piece Twin XL Sheet Set. This set includes one each 100% microfiber fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase guaranteed until graduation. Stay rested in softness all year with sheets that are made larger to accommodate a mattress topper.
  • Premium Supersoft Washed Microfiber 3-Piece Sheet Set. This set features a high density washed microfiber that gives an extra soft feeling and is guaranteed until graduation. 
  • American Made Cotton Blend 3-Piece Twin XL Sheet Set. This set is 60% cotton and 40% polyester to ensure extra softness, durability, less wrinkles,  and faster drying times. 
  • Cotton Blend 4-Piece Full Sheet Set. With seven colors to choose from, this set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases made from cotton to ensure softness and durability.
  • EcoPure Comfort Wash Full Solid Sheet Set. This set for the eco-friendly consumer lets you do your part by protecting the environment with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton while also sleeping in stylish softness every night. 
Sleep all year long in super soft comfort with the best sheets for your dorm room bed and top it off with cozy comforters and blankets that can all be purchased in one package!

A Dorm Room Bedding Package Defines Your Dorm Room Style

How to Find the Colors, Textures, and Prints that Express Your Personality

The best way to find the dorm bedding package that defines you is to browse social media and save the cool ideas you see! Start by narrowing down to your favorite color pairings and from there decide which of those choices is the best. Do you want to keep it sleek and simple with a solid comforter, or do you want to be bold and make a statement with a loud pattern? 

You may also choose to keep it extra comfy and cozy with a package that includes more plush items! Also keep in mind the potential wall decorations that will pair with your bedding to create a cohesive and homey dorm room. After all, you want to pick the best bedding package that will keep you happy for the next four years and make you feel your best. 

Daydream In Blue

Pretty Blue and Gold Dorm Decor Inspired by @milkteadani

Does college stress have a tendency to leave you feeling frazzled? Not anymore! A cool blue dorm room with dreamy gold accents is the perfect way to create a cozy haven where you can work on homework, hang out with friends, or just relax. Bedding with a subtle print paired with plenty of throw pillows is a great way to upgrade the comfort of your bed. Wall decor is a great place to branch out and surround yourself with organizational tools (check out the gold dry erase dots we found -- organization doesn’t have to to be boring!) or vision board-esque reminders of your favorite people, places, or things.

Is this your style? Get the look with this cute Twin XL bedding and bath set, customizable city map wall decor, and gold dry erase dots. Click to shop!

Go Bold or Go Home

Bold Black and White Prints inspired by @designinkredible

Your room is your space, so take the opportunity to show off your personality! Say it loud, and say it proud with bold prints and colorful accents. Mismatched prints don’t clash when it’s all black and white, it just creates visual interest in the room. Consider showing off your school spirit and accenting your bold prints with items in your college’s colors.

Is this your style? Get the look with this cute stripe and white bedding, removable plaid wallpaper strips, and bold print hygge throw. Click to shop!

Dorm Bedding Packages Save $$$

When you buy every item you need for college separately, the cost can rise easily. Dorm bedding packages usually include the majority of things you need in one bundle. Because everything is included together the cost goes down. Not to mention, college stuff usually goes on sale around the time of move-in-day. So, this markdown combined with the already lowered price of the bundle will help you save major dollars and check a good many of your items off your college list. 

You want to feel at home in your dorm room, so make sure you get the essential items that make you feel cozy and comfortable.

Here’s How to Save Money on the Rest of Your Decor

When it comes to decor items, there are a few ways to save on the rest of what your student needs. First, focus on the basics only, when it comes to things like posters and wall art, you can buy those gradually over time. Also, shop your closets and your room at home, a priceless picture may live on your wall at home that you would like to see on the wall in your dorm room! You can take the things you already have at home to be used in college, because while you’re away at college, those items won’t be in use anyway. When it comes to items you don’t have but need to buy -- shop around and compare prices everywhere before you decide to commit. 

  • Starter Pak - Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. This pack is a 16-piece collection of all the basics from sheets to towels, a mattress topper and extra blanket for $139.00. 
  • Varsity Collection - Twin Xl Bedding and Bath Set. This is a 27-piece collection of all the bedding and bath essentials that also includes laundry and storage items for $229.00.
  • Deans List - Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. This 31-piece collection includes all the necessities with a throw rug, tool, first aid kit, and some other luxuries for $309.00.
  • Checklist Saver Collection - Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. This pack is an all inclusive pack of the basics, fit with organizational items for storage and clothes, and some other small decor items for $439.00.
  • Ultimate Room Collection - Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set. This collection is the end all to be all of dorm room bundles, it includes everything the other packages have as well as a storage trunk, under the bed trunk, hangers, and over the door pocket organizer for $599.00!
When it comes to buying decor, shop your closet for things you may not realize you have, but want to take with you.

Buying all your essential items for college can be stressful when you try to buy them all individually and at different times. Keep things simple and easy by purchasing a dorm bedding and bath package that includes all the essential items for a low cost and ships wherever you may need!

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