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Sep 7, 2020
Dorm Bedding

There is a secret tip to really setting up the new school year right, and that is with new bedding. This is not a post for any ordinary bedding, this is a post dedicated to those that are preppy at heart. Whether it’s the traditional color of pink, or it’s a neutral color of some sort, we have the best choices for you to help show off your preppy side.

Dorm Bedding Packages: The Top 9 Must Have Looks

With each bedding piece, and decoration, we want to inspire you to create your own version of preppy, even if it is not the traditional preppy style. Use different colors, no matter what shade it is. These choices are here to inspire and leave you feeling excited about decorating your dorm, and we want to be a part of that excitement along with you.

Your style is what makes your dorm room a home away from home. You will be just as amazed as us once you use one of these as the desired bedding for your room. You will fall in love, we promise you that! We also guarantee that no matter what color you choose, it will still fit in with the preppy style that you plan to use for your future dorm room. These dorm room inspirations will help find the right style you are looking for. So, let’s get to shopping!

We will help you choose the right bedding and decorations on a budget -- these Insta-inspired dorm room ideas will help with:

  • Bedding for your dorm
  • Those decorations that not only inspire, but define you!
  • Affordability


Patterns Galore

Look inspired by the lovely @heysarahjo on Instagram

We know what you need, and it’s this bedding.

If patterns are not preppy, we don’t know what is! You might view this comforter set as Boho, but we know this also gives off preppy vibes. To truly achieve this look, we recommend a patterned comforter set from OCM, and for decorations, a few colorful letters that start with your name will add a personal touch. With this awesome comforter set from OCM, you will feel inspired every day, and the idea of sleeping in your bed will be fun and seem less like a chore. No more simple bedding, take on the preppy style with this fun design pattern.

While over at OCM checking out this gorgeous comforter, which will last you until you graduate, be sure to check this OCM exclusive throw blanket as well to complete your look. Take a look below at how to buy this style!‍

Get the look with a classic XL bedding that will last you until graduation, a colorful letter that starts with your name, and a nice, cozy blanket to add a touch of softness.


Flower Power

Look inspired by @thebrightestbrunette on Instagram.

This look is so affordable, and very customizable to fit any taste!

You don’t want just basic bedding, you want something that will last a long time. You also want something that is able to fit any type of personality that you are, especially preppy. To achieve this look, we recommend a brand like Betsey Johnson, who has to be the closest to reasonably priced preppy bedding that you can get. For decoration, we recommend the accent throw pillows and lighting that is a bright color, like pink or bright yellow.

Floral pattern is a girl’s best friend, next to diamonds of course. This look will be the talk of your floor, and maybe even the campus. This floral bedding will also last you until graduation. So, you can repeat this look throughout your four - or two - years of college. Take a look at how to buy this look!‍

Get this look with the Betsey Johnson Comforter set from OCM, these pretty solar lights, and an accent throw pillow.


Solids are defining!

This pretty solid look was inspired by @theclassicmadison on Instagram.

The solids are always fun to design to fit a preppy style!

If it’s the status you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place. Whether your solid is white, beige, or pink, you will want to jump on this design right away. For the pink letter, we recommend designing your own. For bedding, you’ll want something that matches the warmth and fuzziness of this bedding. Simple neutral colors are a nice way to show off your preppy style. Check below to see how you can achieve this look!‍

Get the look with this Starter Pack bedding set. It comes with all of the essentials you will need to complete this look. For pillows, check out solid colors with minimal designs, also use basic colors on your wall letter decor.

Yes, Abstract can be Preppy, too!

Inspired by the bright @taliasw_ig on Instagram.

Yes, even abstract designs can be preppy! Let’s get inventive and try out different colors!

Abstract designs, especially when done with bright colors, is the ultimate look when going for preppy. When you really think about being preppy, you will want something that not only shouts preppy, but also represents your personality. When achieving this look, we recommend a bedding that has an abstract design that uses more than one color. For other essentials, we recommend a nice plain throw blanket, and a shower curtain to help block out the sun, and to add more color to your room. Find out below how to buy this look!

Get the look with an Ivory Elephant comforter set, a plain throw blanket, a shower curtain to add color.


Traditional designs make a great touch for preppy

Inspired by @radiant_grace on Instagram.

This design might be basic, but it’s a great touch for the preppy lifestyle! This room is perfect for two roommates that adore pink curtains and blue comforter sets.

This design might be basic, but it’s a great touch for the preppy lifestyle! This room is perfect for two roommates that adore pink curtains and blue comforter sets.

Let’s face it, traditional is the new preppy. Using a touch of pink and other light colors, you are able to achieve all parts of this style. From the pillows to the desk lamp and the headboard, you will be set for the year with these great finds, especially at an affordable cost. Look below to shop!

Get this look with a classic comforter set, a simple headboard, some pillows, and colorful curtains.


Minimalistic for Preps!

Inspired by @amygracemonograms on Instagram.

Even the minimalist can be preppy! We believe that if you are looking for a minimalistic style, this might be your perfect match!

If you are a minimalist, and enjoy preppy styles, you might want to copy this look. With so many options, you will regret missing out on this style if you don’t act now! Instead of a colorful comforter set for this look, try out a simple solid comforter that you can place over your bed for simple bedding. For decorations, a throw blanket, a hanging plant, a school sign, and some pillows will complete this look. Shop this look below!

Get this look with a Solid Micro Overfilled throw blanket in Pink, and an assortment of throw pillows.


Go for a pretty design with a white backdrop

Inspired by @lifewith_emily on Instagram.

A simple style like this fits every budget. Don’t be afraid to try your own version of preppy bedding, but make sure to stay in the realm of floral designs, abstracts, or neutral solid colors.

If the bedding is what you are eyeing, we recommend going with an artistic approach in regards to what the design should look like. For decoration, a simple solid colored throw blanket will work, and a simple, single throw pillow is the perfect touch. Also, using small inspirational wall hangings will set you feeling goal-oriented this coming school year. Check out how to buy this look below!

Get this look with this Iveta Abolina bed in a bag, a wall art collection, a solid throw blanket, and an accent pillow.


Gray can also be preppy

Inspired by @dormify on Instagram.

If you are aiming for a darker color hue, try going gray! Gray is gorgeous when it’s paired with pink and some white. Maybe even beige, if you want to go outside of the box.

Gray is one of those colors we normally don’t consider to be preppy, but with a touch of simple neutral colors, and of course pink, we are right on our way to designing the perfect dorm room for you. Now, for this look, there are plenty of tips and tricks we can recommend to achieve the right look for you at an affordable price. Like other dark colors, and some neutrals, gray can be an easy color to match up any other shade of color with. You just need to find the colors that suit you the most, especially for a preppy styled room. For bedding, pick a solid. A nice storage trunk can be used as a nightstand, and having as many pillows and wall hangings as possible will really make your room the ultimate rival on campus. Look below on how to achieve this look!

Get this look with a plush gray comforter set, some wall art, a storage trunk, and some pillows.


Dream in silver

Inspired by @dormify on Instagram.

You aren’t preppy if you don’t like trying out bright colors with darks.

If you are preppy, it is somewhat mandatory to like pairing dark colors with brights. Truth be told though, not all darks and brights go together, but if you work on attention to detail, you will be ready to set your room up. For you to achieve this look, you can do a lot with the bedding and walls. We recommend using fun shaped pillows, wall art, a throw blanket, some storage space, a simple tapestry, and peel off wallpaper. 

Yes, wallpaper that you can peel off is actually a thing! And, it truly is a convenient thing to have, especially since you are not allowed to paint the walls or change them into something that fits your style more than blank white walls. So, treat these walls as your canvas and really consider applying your own touch, whether it’s with wall art or adhesive wallpaper that you can stick and place on walls. Find out below on how to achieve this look!

Get the look with this comfort pack set, a twenty piece twin XL bedding and bath set, a throw blanket, some wall art, a tapestry, storage spaces, and peel off wallpaper.

These looks are not just for any normal college student looking for dorming essentials, all of these looks are for the one that desires to have a room that speaks their personality as a prep. With these preppy styles, we want you to not only feel inspired, but to also know that these styles are always on trend and they are reusable as well, so you won’t have to spend a lot each time you purchase something new for your dorm. With all of these dorming essentials, there are a multitude of ways to make you feel passionate and appreciate the small space in your dorm room.

If you are also looking to decorate your desk and other areas in your room, we highly recommend following some of these styling tips to find new and innovative ways to make the furniture or entire room pop with color and shine with the preppy style and theme that you are striving for. Using small decorations that range in basic colors, and some darks, will help your room stand out from every other dorm on campus.

We want you to feel at home in your dorm, even when you are having trouble finding your personality. These preppy dorm rooms are the rivals you would want to see on campus, and they are the room decorations that everyone will want to see and talk about, even in the cafeteria. These pieces are all fashionable, and are only a click away. So, let’s get our fingers ready, and start shopping your preppy dorm room today!

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