Countless assignments, maddening quizzes, and due dates rushing towards you faster than Barry Alan may make your dorm’s decor seem like the last of your priorities. But a well-designed space can actually help you deal with the stress of college life by increasing your productivity and giving you an environment that feels like home. Everyone knows the struggle with a tiny room and a tiny budget can be real, but mixing high's and low's can help you turn your dorm into a dreamy abode. Spend on things that you would be using for a long time, for example, bedding and storage options, and add a DIY here and there to really give that Pinterest-worthy look to your room.

If you have a free couple of hours this weekend, DIY this decorative planter with just some paper and straws and give your dorm the facelift it deserves!


DIY Planter
  • Drawing sheet
  • Straws
  • Copper wire
  • Gold spray paint
  • Faux plant


Lay the drawing sheet flat on the floor and cut it using a paper knife to get the shape shown below. Tip: Drawing the shape with a pencil prior to cutting will help.

DIY Planter

Fold the cut-out from the center and then open the fold to get a clean line that divides the shape into 2 halves. Place the cutout in a slightly folded position on some more paper, as shown, to determine the size of the paper needed to make the back of this planter. Once you've marked it, cut it using a paper knife.

DIY Planter

Now take the front part again and cut and fold it as shown in the picture. Glue the folded margins to the piece cut for the back.

DIY Planter

The cuts shown will help to fold the piece and align it with the back.

Tip: draw details with a gold sharpie for some added pizzazz!

DIY Planter

Now, spray paint your straws for the frame. Lay them flat on a piece of paper and apply light paint coats. Let the paint set before you turn the straws and spray the other side. Also, make sure the straws are not too close to one another so that the sides get painted too.

Measure the straws by aligning them with the planter sides and snipping the extra length. For the lower half of the frame, you'd need 5 straws; 3 for the vertical sides and the center, and 2 for the top.

DIY Planter

Cut 3 pieces of copper wire that are longer than the vertical straws (the 3 longer ones). Pass one wire through each straw and twist the ends together at one side to tie them.


DIY Planter

Cut 2 more pieces of wire and pass them through the smaller straws for the top. Tie all the wires together as shown. (The paint chipped off at the ends while I was twisting the wires and I had to do some retouching.)

DIY Planter

The number of straws you need for the upper part of the frame depends on you. For a symmetrical look, go for the same length and number as the lower part -- but if you want the upper part to be longer, feel free to add more straws.

Look 1 Attach the frame to a drawing board using thumbtacks. They come in a number of sizes and the smaller ones are quite affordable (this one cost me 200 rupees -- roughly 2 dollars).


Once you've secured the frame, add the planter to it. (Depending on the size of the planter and weight of the plant you're using, you may have to secure it with thumbtacks too.)


Look 2 Remove the frame and simply put up the planter on the board. This look let's you skip the whole trouble of dealing with the wire and straws and adds a nice countryside flare to your decor.

DIY Planter

Look 3 Simply hang the whole thing with a hook from the wall and make sure you've secured the planter with some double-sided tape to hold it in place. You can vary the vertical height by altering the number of straws you use, like I did here.

DIY Planter

Have fun crafting!


Mar 23, 2017
Dorm Decor

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