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Jul 25, 2016
Dorm Decor

For the last couple of years, style has completely been dominated by mandalas, boho, and wavy loops and circles prints. While super cute and fun, for those of us who just want a little organization in our lives, seeing so many 'nonconformity' patterns can throw us off. Fans of geometric shapes and patterns, however, can rejoice because the age of the defined shape is back -- especially in dorm room style. We picked out our top 4 dorm room finds for those who love geometrics to help you get started.

1.   Maya Bedding

Let’s talk about the most important place in your dorm room: your bed. If you want to create visual interest in the bedroom, it starts and ends here. This is where you can get funky and create a theme, a place where you can play around with your color and line palette. That’s why we dig this year’s Maya bedding line. It comes in either grape, black or gray versions to give you options, and is paired with all you need to make your bedding complete.What we especially love is the design itself. The comforter features geometric patterns in alternating lines. And like the more funkier looks style guides are still crushing over, it’s not done in a rigid way. In fact, it’s almost boho without being too obscure. This is certainly a first impression-making bedding set that you won’t want to say no to.

2.   Art Deco Lamps

When we think of geometrics, we think of art deco. Art deco was a design style popular in the early 1910's and ‘20s. It came back slightly in the ‘80s, refashioned in neon colors and leopard print textures. In both cases, the look centers around clean, bold lines.Where art deco really works is in vintage style lighting. Think Tiffany lighting with gold, tall base and a metal or glass cover. These mini lights make perfect additions to your desk or study area. We also like re-imagined versions in more bright or farm house colors such as aqua, teal, and coral where the lines are still clean, but the color is more vivid. If color isn’t your thing, go with a clear base and white or black shade for an ultra-cool look you won’t find in most dorms.

3.   Ceiling Hangings

Some dorm rooms are pretty relaxed on what you hang from the walls and ceiling as long as you don’t make holes or mess around with the sprinkler system. This gives you a ton of opportunity to make your mark from the top down! We especially love to use this space to hang our favorite art pieces for display.One popular and really cheap option is to purchase round, paper Chinese lanterns in a variety of sizes. Another is to find lightweight metal diamonds, triangles, and squares to paint a jewel tone. We also love DIY chandeliers of circle, square, and triangle cutouts hanging from the center of a room or even over a bed. The larger you make it, the more impressive it is!

4.   Mirror Displays

Mirrors are great picks for geometric fans. More than likely, you can find a ton of shapes and sizes that will make your wall shine. We love, for example, using a long, rectangular mirror on its side and throwing in smaller round mirrors near the side. You can also take square mirrors and stack them together to create one long, wardrobe mirror for dressing.If you want to add a bit of extra style, find mirrors in vintage frames. While they may take away from the geometric side, it adds a bit of interest to the piece. Add coordinating paint and you can mix and match until your fashionable self’s content!

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