School is officially back in session and that brings late nights of studying. As soon as I get home, I usually change into an outfit that is a lot comfier than my high school uniform! I think the key to studying is to be as comfy as possible so you can focus more on your work, rather than your outfit! I have put together for y'all an outfit that I typically wear when studying!

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A Comfy T-Shirt

I typically change into a nice, loose-fitting t-shirt once I get home. Lots of mine are from various school events, but I love how cute this Lauren James one is!

Norts (Nike Shorts)

I live in my norts (also know as nike shorts or running shorts). I have so many pairs that it is slightly ridiculous! They are so comfy and perfect for working out (or just dressing very casual). I love the blue color of this pair!

A Sweatshirt

Perfect for studying in a cold library or on a day when it's a bit cooler outside. I love my Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts since they are so soft and versatile. I have one in navy, that is very similar to this one, and I love it!

A Headband (to Keep Your Hair Out of Your Face)

I know that personally, when my hair is down in my face it can be pretty distracting (aka I have to push it out of my face every two seconds). I opt to put it a cute headband. I love Lululemon headbands, like this one since they hold your hair so well!

What is your favorite outfit to study in? Let me know in the comments!

Aug 27, 2015

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