High school has been back in session for a few weeks now! With that entails the workload starting to pick up and schedules  becoming busier by the day! As you move deeper into the school year, it becomes difficult to stay organized and on top of things while your agenda is hectic. Here are some tips to get and stay organized!

Have a Place for Everything

Whether this means keeping all of your pens into a cute pencil pouch or leaving all of your textbooks on your desk, have a specific spot for everything so you always know where to find it!

Use an Agenda

My Lilly Pulitzer agenda definitely keeps my life together during the school year. Agendas are so helpful in keeping up with test dates, project deadlines, meetings, dinners with friends, the list goes on and on! These handy items are only effective if you use them consistently, so be sure to write things down in your agenda!

Find a system that works for you

I have found that using two binders for all of my classes works for me. Does that work for everyone? Definitely not! Find what system works for you (whether it is binders, notebooks, folders, color-coding, etc.) and stick with it!

Put things in the right place

This means putting your History paper in the History portion of your binder not just thrown into your bag! This helps you know exactly where everything is and so it is cleaner!

Clean out your bag and desk-space regularly

I know that when things get busy, the last thing you want to do is clean up your mess. Pretend panic, cleaning up every so often makes sure that everything is in it's right spot and that you can find it! Also, I find it so much easier to work in a clean space!

Sep 18, 2015
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