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Jul 20, 2016
Dorm Decor

Do you want cool, chic, totally in-style fashion for your dorm room? Look no further than the trend that is taking over just about every part of interior décor: ombre! Using a color scheme that goes from one light shade to a dark shade (and sometimes vice versa), this pattern is effortless to fit in with almost every theme or color imaginable. Ready to take on ombre? We picked out four fashionable dorm room ombre ideas you can duplicate on a budget.


Do you want ombre to be your staple pick in your dorm room? There’s nothing better than picking one of the best focal features to show it off: your bed. Your bed is where you’ll hang out, where you’ll crash after a long night, where you’ll study -- and so much more. Given that, you may as well make it ombre-central.

Aqua Ombre

This year, we’re loving OCM’s Aqua Ombre bedding and bath set. You’ll get a focal color (aqua blue, perfect for beach and earth tone lovers) in sheets and towels. It then comes with a boho patterned sheet and pillowcase in the secondary colors. Top it off with the comforter in the ombre going from gray to aqua and you have an already designed bed to start your ombre obsession off on the right foot.

Wall Art

If you can’t decide on just one color or hate the whole single-tone, uniform look, spruce it up with ombre! Purchase a ton of cheap picture frames from discount stores and a couple of cans of spray paint in ombre tones (remember dark to light). Hang according to color for a fun and functional look.You can use leftover spray paint to make wall art canvases with a favorite design. Buy cheap canvas from a craft store, tape down your image or design, and paint in your darkest color first. Let it dry, and then add on additional colors either by row or letting the still-wet paint to roll down for a messy tie dye look.

Lamp Shades and Lighting

Stark white lighting is out, and blasts of color are in! Luckily, you can create an ombre look with little effort or money. Pick up a lamp from a thrift store or garage sale and remove the shade. Find the right paint for the material and do a roll technique using a flat pan full of your paint choices. Roll the shade section by section till you get an ombre look you love.You can also purchase lighting you that can fill up the base with your favorite things. We love this look for adding memories or little trinkets you can’t easily display. One idea is to pick ombre colored sand and have each friend in your circle add their color to the other friend’s lamp base until it’s full. It’s a great symbol of unity and friendship without sacrificing style.

Window Dressings

We love old-school tie-dye because it’s so easy to duplicate and personalize without spending a fortune. It’s also a skill you probably picked up years ago at sleep away camp. You can use the same methods to make ombre window drapes perfect for your dorm room.Step one is buying cotton white, tan, or gray drapes you don't mind messing up, along with fabric dye, a plastic painter’s tarp, and a buckets for each color you’re using. Measure about half way up the drapes from the bottom and dip the curtains in the lightest color first. Let dry completely on the tarp and then dip in the next darkest color. Repeat until you get to the end with the darkest. You may love this ombre look so much you’ll want to duplicate it with your clothes or even shower curtains!

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