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Aug 13, 2015

When you initially get thrown back into the school zone, one of the last things you're going to be thinking about is what pair of shoes you're wearing.  A sturdy and stylish pair of shoes can make rushing around campus a bit more comfortable. Plus, if you're confident in the way you're presenting yourself (from your head down to your toes), you'll be more likely to have a good first day.

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‚Äć1. ¬†Sturdy Sandals

Most of us want to look a bit dressier on the first day, but we don't want to wear our dressiest pair of shoes; ¬†sandals are the perfect solution. ¬†A leather pair with some sparkle can easily be worn with dresses and skirts. ¬†They combine the aesthetic of flats and heels with the comfort that you need and love.‚Äć

2.  Stylish Sneakers


If you want a more casual look, a nice pair of sneakers is the way to go.  White Converse have been all the rage for the past year! Their popularity is not going to change any time soon, so you can proactively invest in a pair now.

‚Äć3. ¬†Sporty Tennis Shoes


It is perfectly acceptable to wear tennis shoes on the first day, and it's pretty smart thinking too.  All the girls who opted for wedges and heels will definitely be envious.

‚Äć4. ¬†Not-So-Subtle Slip-Ons


Slip-ons are not only super durable, but also practically effortless (hence the name).  Mix a patterned pair with a simpler outfit for a chic twist.

‚Äć5. ¬†Snazzy Espadrilles


Lastly, if you're seeking a European vibe, try out some espadrilles.  Find the right pair, and you'll look as though you came straight from a J. Crew store--or one of its European counterparts.What are some of your favorite shoes to wear for the first day of school?Tori A. from Prep For A Day

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