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Apr 13, 2015
Dorm Decor

Springtime heralds the approach of finals and the end of school, but most seniors have just one thing on their minds: commencement! Graduation may only be a few weeks away, and you’re undoubtedly feeling all the excitement and anticipation of beginning a new journey outside of being an undergraduate. Your educational accomplishments should not be tucked away in desk or cabinet. Instead, look for ways to feature and display your hard-earned degree in one of these types of diploma frames.

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1.   Color Coordinated

Your school’s colors are ones you bleed by. Selecting a frame that accounts for your school’s colors adds a special touch to your diploma display. You might also try to find college frames that are customized to display your school’s name and official seal embossed in the color cutout, showing your allegiance to the university to which you have given your time and efforts.

2.   Artistically Minded

Displaying your diploma on the wall of an office, den, bedroom, or study may seem traditional and stuffy. Those who want to show their accomplishments off with a bit of artistic flair should select a frame that features an ink or watercolor of their school’s most popular feature. For example, those who graduated from Alabama State may want a beautiful image of the Denny Chimes to commemorate their last four years living and studying in such an idyllic place.

3.   Memories Framed

Modern-minded seniors may not be in favor of school colors or hand-drawn images. Instead, they may want their own memories to be up front and center along with their diplomas. Photo frames that display the diploma on one end and a photo of your choice on the other is a particularly popular option. After all, graduation day is the time to celebrate with friends and loved ones, making it the perfect opportunity for photo ops.

4.   Accessories Displayed

After graduation, you most likely have to give back your gown and cap. But what about your tassel? A university’s tassel is a symbol of the hard work put in, and how far you have come from freshman year. Display this symbolic item with the diploma itself by utilizing a "memory box" in the frame. You can add your tassel and other graduation accessories to the memory box. It is a great alternative to placing it in a forgotten storage bin or leaving it behind altogether.

5.   Traditionally Styled

Of course, there is something to be said about the traditional, standard diploma frame. Simple, classic, and elegant, it makes the perfect focal point without being too loud or bulky. For minimalists or those without much space to hang a frame, the traditional option is the best of all of the choices.

Your graduation day should not just be a passing memory. Long after you walk the stage and receive your degree, you will want to look back at your accomplishments. Instead of tucking your diploma, pictures, or accessories away, look for a diploma frame that puts your education on display. With so many options to choose from, you can find a frame that fits your style and lifestyle no matter where you’re leaving—or where you’re going.Images 1, 2, 3

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