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Oct 5, 2020
Dorm Decor

Now, the main thing about dorm rooms is the theme. We know with boho style dorm rooms, we can use neutral and cool colors to balance out positive vibes, or a beachy theme would consist of bright colors with some neutrals thrown in as well.

Chic Dorm Room
Image courtesy of Pinterest.

As for a chic dorm room, using colors that are not too loud, but bring on the right amount of ambience, can help bring together the chic dorm color scheme you are looking for. For a chic dorm, you want to use the right colors that are soft and have a connection to natural colors.


Gray Chic Bedding for the Laid Back Style

Whether you are ready to bring on the school year strong or not, you will for sure be ready to snuggle up in this comforter. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

For a laidback style we recommend the Plush Gray Stripe Twin XL Comforter, which can be found right here on OCM. This two piece set is perfect for the minimalist chic that is looking for a comfortable blanket that is not too heavy, and is not too loud. To help add to the comfort of your bed, we recommend purchasing this Urban Wild Studio Inhale and Exhale Throw Pillow to help add that peaceful vibe each time you enter and leave your room. Also, you can’t go wrong with adding extra blankets to your must-have list for your dorm bedding. Cuddle up real close as you study for your midterms in this Cozy Applique Decorative Throw Blanket.

We also can’t go wrong with how perfect your bed will look with this Gray Headboard with Silver Nailhead Trim. This headboard, and like many of the other items listed here, are all available on OCM. Enchant your bedroom this Fall with all things chic exclusively on OCM.


Adapt Your Style With This Chic Bedding

With this bedding, you won’t have to go all out. If you are preppy, convert your style slightly by using chic bedding for your dorm room. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

We can’t stress enough how gorgeous this bedding is, and why you should consider purchasing it. Not only is it a seven piece set that will last you until you graduate, but with so many colors to use to help develop your chic style, you will not have to look too hard to find the bedding of your dreams. With this Seven Piece Full XL Bundle, you will be ready to take on the school year in style.

Now, before we can move on to other styles, we should recommend some more chic design inspiration for your room. For pillows, ones like the Marta Barragan Camarasa Abstract Marble Mosaic Throw Pillow is an essential piece for your bed; not only is it very pretty, but it also provides extra cushion in case you need to lean back when you are studying in your bed.


A Halo Effect Chic

Bedding like this will make you feel like an angel. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Trust us, after purchasing bedding like the one above that makes you sleep comfortably and lets you feel like the ultimate queen that you are, you will never shop for another comforter set again. Luckily for you, the one that is reading, this Chelsea Victoria Marble Bed in a Bag, similar to the photo, and only available at OCM, will have you sleeping in luxury. Another great benefit for the bed in the bag is that you are able to transport it anywhere, from home, to a friends dorm, and back. Another positive is that this bed in a bag will last all four years!

The bedding could use more pillows as well -- you can never have too many pillows! Now, we should focus on throw pillows, or decorative ones. One that we have in mind is the Little Arrow Design Co Pink Mudcloth Tribal Throw Pillow. This pillow will not only bring you joy, but it will add to the chic bedding that you are going for. Lastly, be sure to pair this lovely ensemble with a plain white headboard, such as this Supersoft Dorm Bed Headboard, only at OCM. Interested in learning more about these and other products? Visit OCM’s main website where there is much more to discover to help build off of these recommendations for your chic dorm room bedding!


A Rosy Vintage Chic
A dusty rose, or blush. No matter the shade, you can still make it chic. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

No matter the shade of pink or rose color that you use, you can still make it chic. The first thing we recommend to help make your bedroom pop, is the Superior College Twin XL Comforter set to help maximize the color scheme you are using in your room. If you are searching for a headboard to complete the bed more, we recommend using the Headboard Pillow in White to help add more texture around the base of the bed.

To help set your bedding, we recommend using decorative pillows as well. Using ones with pastel colors will help set the mood in your chic dorm room. Pillows like this one on OCM, Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Studded Barbara Velvet Pillow will promote radiance in and out of your bedroom.


Looking For More of A Vintage Chic

You will sleep comfortably in this simple bedspread. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

You deserve to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud, and you deserve to make that happen with this Nova Ruffle Full-Queen Comforter Three Piece Set. With an authentic vintage feel, you won’t be able to take off the covers as the blanket allows you to melt right into it and dream fast. To make your room feel more vintage, try using throw pillows such as the Marta Barragan Camarasa Myrna Bohem Throw Pillow, which comes in four different sizes. If you are still seeking out some vintage chic pillows, or even a headboard, the Euro Headboard Pillow Set will have your setup complete after making this purchase through OCM!


A Bohemian Chic

If there is any bedding that we are obsessing over right now, it is this one! Image courtesy of Pinterest.

To help bring together your bohemian chic dorm bedding, we recommend using the Cece Chenille Fringed Throw to help set everything up. Now, if you are truly looking for a bohemian chic style bedspread, purchasing the Deans List - Thirty One Piece Twin XL Bedding and Bath Set will have you for this upcoming school year. Coming with multiple designs and styles, there are many other styles that are available for other Chic Inspired dorm room bedding. All only available on OCM.


Marble Chic

We know what you want, and it’s this marble bedding. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Whether you are at a loss for words at this Chelsea Victoria Marble Bed In A Bag, or you are looking for something similar, you have come to the right place. This bed in a bag, only on OCM, is a major must purchase, as it comes with its own bag to help you bring a piece of your dorm room with you. Whether you are invested in staying in your room, or you enjoy going back home for the weekend, the bed in a bag is the perfect addition to any chic dorm room.

Before you leave and buy the marble bed in a bag, we would like to suggest looking at some solid color throw pillows to help make you more comfortable in your room. Pillows like the Slick Knit Pillow are perfect for your bed to add extra cushioning, and also the Body Pillow and Cover Set - Gray Plush to Sherpa is the addition to add better neck support when sleeping in your bed. Now, for the headboard, we recommend a solid color. For a headboard, we recommend the Black Faux Leather Dorm Bed Headboard, which will help enhance the sophistication and comfort of a spacious dorm room bed.


Chic Travel Dorm Bedding

If you are seeking a break from reality, and want to imagine that you’re in another country, this chic bedding might be for you. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you are not convinced that you need to have a mini vacation, even if you are not able to get on the next flight out, you need to decorate your room with the traveling chic bedding for your dorm room. First things first, the Kemmy Full-Queen Quilt Three Piece Set is perfect for the traveler that wants something comfortable to sleep in, but is not too heavy.

To truly make you feel like you are on a trip to Paris, or any other city in the world, be sure to purchase the Taiga Marble Loft Fleece Decorative Throw Blanket that is proven to give you the right amount of warmth that you are looking for.

Before you wander too far in your daydreams, be sure to find your way back with this Wanderlust Decorative Pillow. And, if you find yourself looking for inspiration, check out the Seas the Day Decorate Pillow that will bring plenty of optimism to your darkest days.
Before you start the new school year, you need to pick your style, and if your style is chic, or you are looking for a specific style with chic inspo behind it, you have come to the right place. Our selections are the best in regards to the style of chic dorm room bedding that you are looking for. Before you head out, we hope you check out OCM for more chic dorm room bedding styles.

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