With the end of the summer approaching rapidly, the nerves are probably starting to set in for rising college freshman. I'm sure there are thousands of questions going through your head. For instance, who am I going to sit with in history? Are my classes going to be too hard for me? How am I going to find my way around this campus? While I'm sure there are many more to go along with these, it's probably best to stop worrying because you're just making yourself more nervous. Here are a few ways to calm the nerves and stop worrying:

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1. You're not the only one- Every person there is in the same boat as you. Nobody knows who they're going to sit with in class, if classes are going to be too hard, or where everything is on campus. But I promise you that you'll figure it out. Everybody else did before you and will continue to do so. You'll figure things out quickly and before you know it, you'll be a pro at navigating and taking classes.

2. Orientation is very helpful- As boring as some of it may be, it is extremely helpful to get a lot of your questions answered. I know I had a week of orientation, where I got to meet my adviser, learn my way around the campus, find out more about classes, and meet new people. Looking back on it now, I realize that once that week was over, I pretty much had everything I was concerned about figured out in only that week span of time.

3. Thinking about it makes it worse- We all have the tendency to get ideas into our heads and then worry about them until they blow up into these huge ordeals that never actually happen. Something as simple as what if I can't find my English class can develop into "I'm never going to find my class so I'm going to fail it and then it's going to kill my GPA and I'll never get into medical school." When in reality all you have to do is ask somebody where the building is and they'll be more than happy to point you in the right direction. The less you worry about leaving home, the better off you'll be.

4. It's just another change in your life- You've probably gone through a number of changes in your life already. You've made new friends, found your way around new schools, and took difficult courses. College is just the next step and it's nothing you haven't been through before. If you think about it this way, you'll soon realize that even though it is a big step in your life, it isn't necessarily as big of a change as you would think.

5. Be excited!- College isn't meant to be this nerve-racking experience that you may be feeling right now. It really has been the greatest experience I've ever had and I went into it confused, nervous, and overwhelmed. The people that you will meet and the friends you make are what make the experience so amazing and if you focus on that, you really have nothing to be nervous about. Anytime I would talk to somebody about going to college, they would always tell me that it was the best time of their life. After going through a year of it, I can completely understand why they would say that.Being nervous about leaving your home, family, and friends is a completely rational feeling to have right now. However, don't let it control you. I promise you that after a couple of weeks of adjustment, you'll realize how silly some of the things that went through your mind were. Just go in with a positive attitude and you too will have the greatest time of your life.

Jul 17, 2013
College Life

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