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Sep 30, 2019
Dorm Decor

The worst part of dorm rooms is the school-issued furniture. That dreadful wooden beds, desks, and dressers really limit what you can do with your dorm. You can hang all the tapestries you want and add as many decorative pillows as your heart desires but it will not change the wooden bed frame that looks like it belongs in a camper’s cabin. That furniture is what makes your space blend in with the hundreds of other student’s rooms.

Headboards that will transform your dorm room from drab to fab

One of the best ways to change up your room is to change up that furniture. Adding a headboard is a dorm room hack that will completely transform your room and set it apart from the rest. Thankfully, there are a ton of different options available for dorm room headboards. The choices range from traditional to one-of-a-kind. Here are a few different ideas for your new headboard.

collection of pillows
This is a hack that will give the same effect as a chic expensive headboard without the effort. Photo courtesy of
purple bedding

Headboard Pillows

This is one of the simplest options for a headboard. You don’t have to worry about assembling or mounting anything. You can just throw a headboard-shaped pillow between your bed and the wall. These pillows are easy to find, affordable and come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors. They are generously stuffed to provide sturdy support for you to lean against while studying - or watching Netflix!

faux leather headboard
Use faux leather to fake a polished lifestyle. Photo courtesy of
yellow pillow

Faux Leather Headboard

This option provides your dorm room with a level of sophistication. All different kinds of leather and different tufted designs are available. Mix leather with any style or theme to add something unique. Going with leather means that you will have a very supportive place to lean that is super easy to clean. This gorgeous upholstered headboard provides you with a versatile design that allows you to hang it if your school permits or use the legs to give your headboard a sturdy base.

blue pillow
This is a hack for students with nontraditional dorm layouts. Photo courtesy of
teal bedding icon

Backrest Wedge Pillow

This option is one of the more unique ones. The wedge can be used even if your bed is not against a wall and even if it doesn't have a headboard. It adds a sturdy source of comfort and a flare of style. This wedge pillow comes in eleven different colors and is easily removable. 

This headboard is an incredibly soft addition to any room. 

soft dorm headboard
green pillow icon

Soft Dorm Headboard

This cushiony headboard gives your room an entirely different vibe than the rest of the options on the list. It provides a soft and comfortable aesthetic while still being sophisticated. This is a great option for students who have a room full of already loud decor. This can bring the space together and make it feel more liveable and inviting. It is another one of those headboards that provides support and stops things from getting lost behind your bed.

paneled headboard
This velvet vertical paneled headboard is one of the simplest to install. Photo courtesy of
green bedding icon

Velvet Channeled Cushion

This is yet another option that is the perfect backdrop for your bed. The paneled design offers a modern and fresh look. It looks great with pillows stacked against it. This pillow hack gives the appearance of a regular headboard but hangs from the wall with Command Hooks, making it super easy to install. That being said it will be simple to pack up and move each year.

tapestry headboard
You will be the only person on your floor with this tapestry made to look like a headboard. Photo courtesy of
gray bedding icon

Faux Headboard Tapestry

This one is different from the rest in a couple of ways. It doesn’t provide you any back support, and it is not attachable to your dorm bed. This faux headboard tapestry mimics a tall luxurious headboard. This eye-catching option is the most affordable of the bunch. You can grab this for only thirty bucks and it comes in two different colors. Hang it from the wall to showcase your style in a completely unique way. 

headboard storage
This headboard doubles as a storage space. Photo courtesy of
green pillow icon

Over-the-Bed Shelving Unit

This over-the-bed shelving unit allows you to stay extra organized and gives you space to show off your favorite photos and accessories. This option is completely customizable to your personal interests and style. This can be helpful to conserve the little space you are given in those dorm rooms. There is a collection of different shelves available in various colors and materials with a wide array of layouts.

blue headboard
Decals spice up you bed and your walls! Photo courtesy of
red bedding icon

Headboard Wall Decal

If you go with this choice, then you are going to focus completely on style. Using decals lets you completely customize your bed easily. This is also a really convenient option. It is probably the most affordable option on the entire list. It can easily installed. The only downside to using decals is that your bed has to be pushed against a wall and it provides no support. 

green leaf headboard
Make a bold statement with this Bahama Island Green Leaf Upholstered Headboard. Photo courtesy of
gray bedding icon

Patterned Headboard

If you prefer to opt for a statement headboard, this Etsy shop has tons of prints and patterns to choose from, and you can get them in two different shapes: Arched, or beveled. The handmade bohemian style college headboard pictured above is lightweight and easy to move into and out of dorm living. Velcro attachments are secured to the back for an easy to install experience while simultaneously eliminating the need for legs. You can also hang with command hooks or tape if that is easier. 

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