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Jan 20, 2020
College Life

When you’re a student, your cash flow is completely dependent upon a part time job or a little help from your parents.

Help Your Cash Go Further And Unlock Student Discounts

Needless to say, when going to class is your full time job, you’re not exactly rolling in the dough. This is why many places across the country offer student discounts on all kinds of items students are interested in, from retail to concert tickets--you never know unless you ask! Because it can be completely overwhelming to try and keep track of all the places that might offer a discount, it would be incredibly helpful to have access to over 10,000 all on one card. Having a student advantage card with a discount list of places that offer student savings will help you unlock all kinds of amazing items and experiences, all while saving some money!

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Where to Get Discounts on Your Favorite Clothes


When you need a wardrobe refresh, these places are it

As a student, you need to be prepared for all kinds of occasions--lounging in your dorm room, heading to class, going to mixers, and even semi-formal events! Some of these options you may only pull out of your closet a couple times a year, but other outfits you’ll feel like you practically live in. So why not shop at stores that know you’re on a student budget this semester? No matter what your style is, stores like Target, Dockers, Banana Republic, and Champ’s Sports all offer a student discount. You can find just what you need for almost any occasion at these versatile retail outlets.

Student discounts are also available at stores like Sam’s Club which offer a Collegiate Membership to students. With this type of membership you can give your student access to all the items that a regular Club Membership would offer--for a discounted price. Sam’s will even give students a $15 gift card once their student status has been confirmed to use on items they  need such as ramen, soup, and all kinds of snacks.

multiple plates of food on a serving tray
Lots of restaurants offer student discounts, so just ask! Image courtesy of Pexels.



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Discounts Galore at Many Restaurants


If you’re splurging on going out to eat, get a discount while you’re at it!

College students typically don’t have a lot of disposable income, so when they decide to go out with some friends, it can be a big deal! Depending on where your school is, you might have a lot of food options, or might just have a few, but chances are at least one of them offers a student discount. If you can’t seem to find out whether or not they do online, just ask them the next time you’re there.

Most restaurants that are located within a close radius of a college or university know that it’s smart to offer students a discount. Many national chains such as Subway, Burger King, and Pizza Hut offer student discounts, but they might not be available in every location, so it’s always best to check to be sure.

four sculptures in a museum gallery
Visit your local museum where they’ll more than likely have a discounted student admission. Image courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Modern Art.
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Use Your Discount to Learn Something!


Do something different and take an excursion off campus

A lot of your time as a student is spent either at class, or studying and preparing for your classes! But, believe it or not, there are things happening off campus where you can learn something new or just see something a little out of the ordinary. If the city where your school is located has an art museum or a natural history museum, chances are they offer a student discount on admissions. Aquariums, zoos, and aviaries also tend to offer discounts to students, and if you’re unsure, it can’t hurt to ask. 

Depending on what your interests are, many musical companies such as symphonies, orchestras, and operas offer a discount on tickets for students. Consider trying out something new by attending something out of your comfort zone. Not only do these visits get you off campus for a couple of hours, you can also catch something that really interests you, or something you’re curious to learn more about. If it pertains to something you’re studying in school, all the better!

Cash in on the latest tech items
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Cash in on the Latest Tech Items


Always keep your phone and computer up to date

Students are constantly in sync with their tech, and use it to write papers, research, solve problems, and keep connected to friends and family. You’ll never have a reason to not call home if you qualify for a discount through your cell phone provider, plus you’ll be saving some cash each and every month! If you need a new computer or perhaps just an update to your headphones, carrying case, or charger, then consider double checking if your local Radio Shack, Walmart, or cell phone retailer offers a student discount. If not, you can always check online at Amazon for great deals on any tech item or accessory.

New Gardens Cinemas Facade
Movie theaters are a great option for students looking to save a little money and see the latest film. Image courtesy of Pexels.


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See a Sporting Event or Catch a Movie


There are many entertainment options with student discounts

Sometimes you just want to get off campus and do something fun! Most movie theaters offer a student discount, but they are typically restricted to certain days of the week and only during certain showtimes. But this is such a great way to see all the latest movies, and you’ll never miss out on your favorite actors and directors again! Bowling alleys and mini-golf venues near colleges and universities also are a pretty good bet when it comes to student discounts, so if you’re looking for a fun event to do with a big group of friends, those are a great option!

If you’re college or university is lucky enough to be near a professional or semi-professional sports team, you’re in luck! These organizations also tend to have student discounts or at the very least, certain games where tickets can be purchased at a discounted rate.

Even if you don’t have a ton of cash as a student, you can still find lots of things to do and ways to save! Sometimes it just takes a little digging, but you’re sure to find more than enough options that will honor a student discount.


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