Believe it or not, you will have free time when you’re in college! It may be a few hours here and there or full days of nothing to do but hang around. Trying out new activities, especially ones that are already campus favorites, can keep you busy and may even teach you a totally new skill! These favorites are ones every college kid should give a try.

1.   Board Gaming

Board games are a great, social hobby to share with friends or even clubs. Whether you’re all about new favorites Settlers of Catan or classics like Dungeons and Dragons, board games are relatively inexpensive, and there is often already a community out there willing to show you how to play.

2.   Hiking/Running

If you’re all about the outdoors, don’t be afraid to grab a pair of good walking or running shoes and hit the trails. With larger college campuses, your track may be the sidewalks from building to building. For colleges located in rural areas, you can take your hikes into forests or near beaches. You’ll see more than before and feel great when you’re done.

3.   Intramural Sports

There’s a reason why being active is such an awesome hobby for college students -- it keeps you fit and helps your brain stay alert and healthy. Intramural sports are for college students not part of the college athletic program. They may include sports like soccer, team frisbee, capture the flag, powderpuff football, and even Quidditch from Harry Potter! Don’t see a sport you like? Gather some friends and ask the athletic department to help out.

4.   DIY/Crafting

Knitting and looming scarves and hats, repurposing clothing, making your own posters, or crafting a cool hanging light are all awesome starting crafting hobbies! With just a few dollars and a big dose of creativity, you can spend your time working on DIY projects for your dorm.

5.   Music

You don’t have to be a music major to be a musician in training. Colleges offer beginning guitar, keyboard, songwriting, etc. classes that are perfect for those wanting to learn. You can even start a band or take your talents to performance nights at a local cafe.

6.   Programming/Hacking for Good

Have a laptop? Great! You’re on your way to learning how to program websites or even hacking for good. Colleges have built programs to teach hacking skills for nonprofits and programming games that can become more than just hobbies in the future if you practice enough!

7.   Volunteering

Put your time to good use by finding a cause you care about. Tutor grade school students, serve food at a soup kitchen, walk dogs at an animal shelter. Your hobby can mean so much more when you make it go towards bettering the community around you. Plus, this hobby looks awesome on a resume!

8.   Writing

You don’t want to write more than that required essay. We get it. But honestly, writing can be therapeutic, especially if you have a lot on your mind. It can be a way to release your emotions, tell a story, or just practice some creative exercises. Try going old school with a written journal or opening an anonymous blog where you can write without fear. This hobby may be your best way to relax from stressful college life.

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Sep 9, 2016
College Life

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