Glam and dorms don’t easily go together. Plain cinder block walls and ugly tiled floors are just about as opposite as you can get to fancy and flashy. But if you’ve got a classy and sophisticated taste that you’re not ready to sacrifice for dorm life, we’ve got some tips that will work for you.

Go With a Black Base

The essential color for the glam look is, hands down, black. It’s timeless, easy to coordinate, and stands out against other neutral and metallic accents. The best place to have the majority of your black is within your bedding. Damask sheet sets are a great pick for patterns and fit in with plain black or white long-size comforters.

Black area rugs also work for that big impact look. It serves a double purpose of keeping the space warm (both literally and design-wise) and being a piece to tie everything in. If you go with a patterned rug, keep the rest of your room simple.

Add a Texture

What sells glam is the feeling of luxury. But you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your room look like it’s out of a celebrity’s home. Instead, focus on pulling in one, essential texture -- fuzzy soft.

Fake fur throw blankets are a cool way to make your room look like a palace. While it’s tempting to go with white, try a color instead. It will look great draped over the back of a couch or up against a chair. We guarantee your guests will be drawn to it.

Get Glittery

No article on glam bedrooms is complete without talking about glitter! It’s the hallmark of the style and it cannot be forgotten when picking out your decor. Think small so you will not overwhelm your space, but pick pieces that are sassy and a little bit wild.

The first idea is to find an accent pillow with glitter incorporated. Erin Andrews’ collection has a very cool Dollar Sign Sequin pillow that cannot be missed. Mix it up with the Eat Sleep Contour pillow for extra sparkle.

Glamorize Your Walls

Your walls are what is going to need your style touch the most so here’s where you can get creative. Canvas black and white pictures of vintage Paris is an easy idea if you’re looking for a feel that is more antique glam. If you want more rock star glam, go with message posters that show your attitude. We’re big fans of the Glam Eyes canvas.

Other wall decor ideas include metallic colored clocks in art deco style, black damask oval mirrors, hanging metal jewelry organizers, and LED bulb string lights. The key is to find items that have a modern look with a vintage inspiration. If it appears like it could have been used by your grandmother but is still cool enough for you, then you’ve found the right pick.With all these dorm decoration options and ideas, glam can find its place in your dorm room. Be brave, be bold, and think big with your look, and you can’t go wrong.

Aug 2, 2017
Dorm Decor

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