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Apr 1, 2014
Dorm Decor

It all began when photographs of Miss America of 1926, Norma Smallwood, showed the beauty posing joyfully in a polka-dot swimsuit.  After that, Walt Disney introduced the stylish animated mouse, Minnie, dressed in a polka dot red dress with matching hair bow, designer Christian Dior created collections around the print, and singers like Frank Sinatra and Bryan Hyland released hit songs about women wearing polka dots.  In 1940, the Los Angelos Times stated, “You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line, and you'll never regret it.”  Even then, the fashion world knew that this playful and feminine pattern would be a constant force in seasonal trends—and, boy, were they right!Since its first arrival on the scene in the late 1920’s, polka dots have undergone some slight modernization, but its youthful, energetic legacy is still intact.  Today, polka dots can be seen on the runways of high fashion shows, printed on cellphone and laptop cases, and in room and home décor.  Of course, the latter being our favorite category, below are some ways in which you can use polka dots to decorate your room.

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In the Bathroom

Mimicking the shape of bubbles, the bathroom is a great place to incorporate polka dots.  While some people might prefer using the pattern as an accent detail, we think there is no reason to skimp on dots when it comes to the bathroom.  Just make sure each item you choose has the same color scheme to avoid making the room like a clown’s changing room. Some of our favorite bath items include this polka dot shower curtain and bath rug (which goes perfect with this Chrome Doodle trash can).


Why not make your bed the focal point in the room by covering it in polka dots?  Gone are the days where a bed simply consisted of one sheet, one comforter, and a pillow.  Now, a bed cannot be complete without some embellished throw pillows and decorative blankets, like this Hello Kitty blanket.  One take we recommend is for your bedding pieces to have a color scheme where two colors alternate between dot color and background color.  For instance, your pillows could have a scheme of white dots against black background, while your sheets could consist of black dots against a white background, and so on.



Polka dots are the perfect pattern to help turn mundane room accessories into stylish attention grabbers.  Here at OCM, we have tons of polka dotted accessories to help organize the clutter in your room, and look great doing it. One of our favorites are these black and blue polka dot hangers.   A must-have is our Dry Erase Dots Wall Decals—write upcoming assignments or your favorite quotes and plop on the walls around your room. Either way, they're the perfect way to complete your polka dot decorated room


Incorporating polka dots into your dorm room will create a playful, feminine, and stylish atmosphere.  Since there is no real rule-of-thumb when it comes to how much polka dots is too many polka dots, you can use your discretion.  If you decide you want your room in floor to ceiling dots, just make sure they are the same color scheme and patterns range from cluttered dots, to more spread out.  And of course, always have fun when choosing to decorate your room with polka dots, since that is what the print exudes!

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