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Aug 3, 2020
Dorm Decor

Your dorm room is meant to be your home away from home. For some, the idea of what theme you want to go with for your room can be a difficult choice to make. However, with this guide on how to make the best boho room possible, we take each piece and make it simpler. If you enjoy warm, earthy tones, or perhaps metallic or jewel tones, boho style rooms might be for you. Also, if you enjoy good vibes, you might want to take advantage and read further

Choosing Wall Decorations

Now that we’ve caught your attention, let’s explore some wall-hangings that may help your bedroom feel a little more like home.

Inspiration found on Pinterest, and a similar piece sold on OCM. Driftwood that dangles from lining is a nice touch to your walls, as you can use them just for display or as a jewelry holder. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Whether you use driftwood or colorful stones above your bed, or along the walls, the stones will possess a nice bohemian vibe, with the deep purple, hints of yellow and orange, and beige, you may never want to leave your room. Some stores will have the work done for you, and would normally retail for forty dollars or more. Or, if you want to be crafty, or already are, The Lucky Sprout has a step-by-step guide on how to achieve your own crystal wall hanging.

OCM has the best deals on all types of decor, especially for your dorm room. Another great addition to any room is a tapestry. Tapestries come in all different kinds of designs and themes. One of our favorites is the tye dye tapestry. Of course, there are many other designs as well, and many of them aren’t just for boho themed rooms, there are also some for sports, vintage, and fantasy themed rooms. Get some serious vibes with this awesome tapestry from OCM.

A popular tapestry for sure. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

If you’re anything like us, there might come a time where it becomes difficult to choose a tapestry to drape over your wall. And, oh boy, is it difficult. With so many designs to choose from, and with many that are boho themed, you might be spending an entire day looking at tapestry that not only represents you, but will fit in your room. The best tapestries we’d recommend come from the OCM Store. 

Now, as far decorating your tapestry goes, the best tip we have would be to use string lights. You are able to purchase string lights from any store, but if you are looking for a specific style, we recommend checking out the lighting section of OCM’s website, they always have the nicest lights, and they tend to sell out pretty fast. 

Let’s move on to boho bedding!

No matter what your future bedroom looks like, the most important touch is the bedding. This would be your comforter, blanket, and pillows.

The bedding is not just the most important thing to consider when creating your boho-styled room, you will also need to make sure it will be easy to sleep with. Issues such as the feel, what it’s made out of, is the main concern many people have with comforter sets. Get an idea with this fun design at OCM.

Now, for the pillows to complete your boho dorm room

In regards to pillows, the number one thing we’d recommend doing, is making your own. Or, grab a white canvas pillow from a store and print your own boho-inspired design onto the pillow. There are many blogs out there that provide instructional videos on how to make your own boho pillows; no sewing required. Mountain Modern Life has listed a video and instructions on why making your own pillows is better than buying them from department stores.

A lovely example of what a no-sew pillow will look like. Image courtesy of Mountain Modern Life.

Using your own tools and your creative juices, you’ll be able to create and discover new designs that are unique to you, and you did not have to spend a lot to achieve a design you were striving for. OCM also has some great choices in case you prefer purchasing pillows. In case you decide not to make your own pillows, we recommend checking out pillows like this one on OCM.

Miscellaneous boho furniture you should consider

Consider a chair cover to go along with your desk chair to make it more stylish.

We all know that desk chairs can be boring, especially if you aren’t able to use your own. That’s why we recommend purchasing a chair cover that will help make your chair more comfortable to sit in. In the case you aren’t able to find a nice chair covering, use a nice decorative throw as a placeholder when you are using your chair, only found on OCM.

If your university allows shelves to be installed, consider these stylish options

Something nice and simple, like a plain white shelf, would look great in your dorm room, as long as your university allows it. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Even if you need extra storage space, or if your dorm already has shelves, it’s nice to have your own small area to decorate with all things boho, and to also help you make your room feel like home. Aside from shelves, we also want to inspire you with this Estique Over the Door Multi Organizer, only at OCM.

Use recyclable material to create your own curtains

Need an extra touch, or you don’t want to be blinded by the sun in the morning? Consider making your curtain. We recommend using recycled materials, or if you prefer you buy, you can always click on the image courtesy link, and it will take you directly to the website. Image courtesy of Mexicali Blues.

We  both know that a room is not complete without curtains. No matter how thin or heavy the material is, or how short or long the bottom is, a room is never complete without a gorgeous curtain to drape around the window to help you sleep soundly. For a real boho feel though, it’s definitely recommended to go with a thin material, that way there is still some light in the morning and it will go with the theme of your room. A fun tip we have is to check out local thrift stores for any gently used sheets, check for any with designs, and create them into your own personalized curtains. Just so you know, there are some fun designs to choose from on OCM.

Aside from furniture, consider using fake plants as a boho decoration piece

Although they are eco-friendly, they also represent the good vibes that the boho theme claims to bring. Using fake plants will make your room bloom with radiance and will help make a stressful time during finals week feel calm. Having these plants around will also bring plenty of compliments from new friends as well, and happen to be great conversation starters.

Consider some boho stencils 

This photo is only a representation for stencils, unless you decide to add a personalized stencil onto your nightstand or a table. Image courtesy of Pinterest.

Stencils add ambiance to a room and help set the tone for a boho-styled room. Instead of painting on the walls, consider using a peel and stick stencil that you can easily remove upon move out. If wall stencils for you, try peel and stick wallpaper, sold on OCM, to help build up those positive vibes your dorm room is begging to give off.

Each style and variation of boho is different, and each person views the colors of the palette different. Some prefer orange, others prefer yellow and other earthy tones. No matter which color you choose, your boho-styled room is yours to create, and with your brush you are able to paint the canvas that sets up your room. Out of all the websites to inspire you and your boho room, Pinterest is the best choice to get ideas for the layout., OCM is one of the best for purchasing all of your decor and necessities to help make your room not only your own, but also your home away from home!


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