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Mar 12, 2020
College Life

Whether you’re taking a light twelve credit semester, or a heavy loaded eighteen credit semester, using a planner for college is essential for staying on top of all of your homework assignments, projects, and to know when your exam dates are.

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A planner is great for many other things as well, such as scheduling your night outs with friends to let loose from studying, knowing when your doctor’s appointments are, or even just when you have club meetings on campus.

Planners are a great way to prioritize what is important in succeeding in your studies in college. You may be confused on how to get started, but we are here to help! We are going to go through the ultimate how-to to help you stay on track with the workload of all of your classes with the use of a planner.

Mark Down When Your Assignments Are Due

Stay on top of your studies to make sure you don’t miss unnecessary points for an assignment you forgot!

Missing a homework assignment in college is something you don’t want to do. Every point is needed to succeed and missing one can potentially hurt your overall grade and it’s all just because you forgot it was due, or you were mistaken and thought it was due a different day. With the help of a planner, staying on top of all the due dates for assignments will make it easier to remember with a simple reminder of when each one is due.

When you get your syllabuses for all of your classes at the start of the semester, take the time to look at the schedule for each class and look at everything that you have due, including homework assignments and projects, and even exam dates. Then, take the time to write each of these dates and write them down in your planner. This way, you are able to know what is coming up each and every week and not be struggling to cram for an exam, or do any assignments last second, so you are able to take your time with each one to ensure that everything is done right.

Plan Out Your Study Sessions For Upcoming Exams

Avoid last minute cramming and instead plan out time slots to study for those challenging exams!

Exams are stressful, whether it is the first one of the semester, midterms season, or finals week, and it is important to stay on top of studying for them. With the help of a planner, organizing when you want to have your study sessions for each exam and picking a specific time slot for each one is a great method to use when studying no matter what point of the semester you are in.

Plan out your study
Plan out your study sessions by using a planner and get together with friends to study for those tough upcoming exams. 

‍Cramming for exams and staying up all night studying isn’t fundamental to doing well on an exam. Instead of helping you remember the material, you are sacrificing sleep, which helps you to do better on an exam the more you get, and you end up creating bad habits for yourself, such as procrastination. To help solve this issue, figure out how many hours overall that you want to study for the exam. Take that and divide it into time slots using a planner to equally measure out how much you want to study every day for it. This will not only help you to stay on top of your studying, but it helps you to stay organized as well!

Plan Out What Assignments You Want to Work on Each Day

This helps to make sure you are getting all of your assignments done on time in an orderly fashion!

Along with planning out your study time for exams, it is also a good idea to also plan out what assignments you are going to work on each day to ensure that you are staying on top of your studies. For example, one day, you could plan to focus on one specific class and then the next day, focus on an assignment for a different class. This can help you focus on what is due to be able to get all of your assignments done in an efficient way to stay on track of your studies.

This is also a great way to help you to give all of your undivided attention to one specific class as well. With this method, you are able to really focus and teach yourself the material that was covered in class that you are struggling on, or just to be able to review and pay attention to the material to ensure that you know what you’re doing each of your classes. Planning out when to do all of your assignments with the help of a planner is a great way to stay on top of your workload for the semester!

Make Sure to Write Down All of the Times of Club Meetings or Events

If you are a part of any clubs on campus, making sure to write down the times the meetings are and if/when there are events is great to staying organized!

Clubs are a great and easy way to get involved on campus. Not only are clubs good for building your resume and getting involved on campus, but they are also great for helping to build skills, such as commitment, leadership, and communication. Joining clubs are also great for making friends and meeting new people, and they are also great for networking and getting your name out there for different jobs, or careers with knowing and becoming close to the club advisors or other alumni in the club.

Notebook & laptop
Write down what time your club meetings or events every week using a planner to stay on track, help you make friends, and to also help destress and network with people in the clubs. 

No matter what club you are in, use a planner to plan out and set reminders when the club meetings or events are. This will not only help with remembering when the meetings or events are, but it will also help to ensure that you are attending all of the meetings. Planning your club meetings out with a planner is a great way to stay on top of your extracurricular activities to get some down time in between classes and studying.

Set Weekly Goals For Yourself No Matter What They May Be

Take time out to focus on not only your studies, but to focus on yourself and your weekly goals and hobbies!

College is the time to be able to focus on your own individuality and focus on hobbies that you enjoy as well as your studies. While studying and focusing on your classes is important, it is also important to focus on yourself and your mental health to make sure that you aren’t stressing, or burning yourself out. Something that you can do with using a planner is setting weekly goals for yourself. They can be school related, but you should also make goals that are specifically for yourself and your own well being.

Use a planner to plan out every week what assignments you would like to get done and how much studying you want to get done as well. Then, you should also set goals for yourself, like going out and hanging out in a new spot on campus, going out and trying a new coffee shop, or taking out some time to focus on a hobby of yours. This is important to take your mind off of classes and to be able to destress. Hobbies are able to help refocus your mind on something that you enjoy doing to be able to destress and go back to your studies after taking some time out for yourself.

Color Code and Highlight Each of Your Classes to Stay Organized

This helps you to stay on track and organized with what classes are which, and what is due each week!

Another great method to staying on top of your classes is to color code your classes and highlight everything that you have done each day in order to stay organized. No matter how many classes you have, color code each one a different color and write down what your assignments are each and every day according to the color you assigned it. 

Stationery & organizer
Color coding each class that you have along with highlighting the assignments, or tasks that you have done is a great way to stay on top of your studies and stay organized throughout the semester. 

Not only is color coding each of your classes when writing down your assignments in your planner an efficient way to stay organized, but it also a great way to relax. At the end of the day, you should color code your classes and write down your assignments every night and also color coding and highlighting what you have done can be relaxing. Overall, there are many different ways to use a planner whenever you’re starting a new school year. Planners are a great and efficient way to be able to organize your classes with assignments and projects that are due, and also to plan out study sessions for exams. How do you use your planner for college? If we didn’t mention a method on how you use your planner, let us know in the comments below!

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