An important (and expensive) item you will bring with you to college is your laptop. But with danger of a laptop breaking or being stolen, it can be daunting to tote such an item around in public where it may be vulnerable. Instead of being afraid or overly cautious, stock up on tech accessory paks and follow these steps to ensure your laptop is safe in college.

Rule #1: Never Walk Away

Being on campus and feeling a part of the community can give you a sense of security. But while it’s wonderful to feel safe, the truth is that theft happens in places you least expect it to. Even high traffic areas such as a library, cafe, or student union have become prime target areas for laptop thieves. Prevent the opportunity to steal your most precious commodity by keeping it by your side at all time. This includes when you are grabbing your coffee or chatting at another table with a friend.

Rule #2: Consider How You Carry It

For some, protecting the computer from spills or falls is the most important thing. In that case, invest in a good, thickly padded laptop case that is easy to carry around on your back. On the other hand, if you are more concerned with theft, a laptop bag may become a target. In this case, a normal backpack or purse is a better concealer and less likely to be targeted.

Rule #3: Turn It Off

Forgetting to turn your laptop off when you are done may not seem like a big deal. However, your laptop’s delicate parts need time to cool off and reset. Keeping your computer on runs the risk of burning key pieces out. In addition, if you were to drop your laptop on your commute to and from classes, it will be more likely to break if the computer was running than if it was turned off. Finally, if there was to be an outage or surge, having your computer turned off can save it from power issues.

Rule #4: Be Password Safe

Your personal information is never safe when it is stored carelessly on websites and/or protected by easy-to-guess passwords. Lock your computer and your information up by using passwords that contain a variety of characters. Additional tips include changing your passwords frequently, and using different ones for a variety of accounts.

Rule #5: Lock it Down

Those who really value safety may want to consider investing in a laptop lock. These locks look and work just like a bicycle lock would, attaching to your laptop by tethering to your desk or leg of a stationary classroom table with a strong cable. Those who want to steal your computer will need to do a ton of work to get past this safety measure.You need your laptop for schoolwork, taking notes during class, and entertainment during free time. But why run the risk of leaving your possessions in danger? Following the five steps of laptop safety, you can ensure that your computer will be guarded from hazardous situations.Do you follow any of these rules to keep your laptop safe? Let us know!Image 1

Jul 8, 2015
College Life

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