You’re moving into a completely new place- a room that has housed hundreds of people before you and will house hundreds more after you.Sure, it’s plain and boring and maybe not so pretty, but for the next ten months, it’s yours. Even though you can’t paint the walls or hang shelves like you want to, it’s still possible to make your dorm uniquely you. The key to this is really very simple and can be summed up in three words- things you love. I’m not talking about your favorite color (although that certainly helps), I am talking about what you are passionate about.

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I have always been a huge fan of Walt Disney, his dream and vision for his company, and of course all things having to do with the parks. What makes my dorm feel like home is the Disney Dreams Collection by Thomas Kinkade calendar that a friend sent me on a whim, hung over my bed. It’s the Graduation Ears embroidered with my name that I received when I completed the Disney College Program that are sitting on my desk. It’s the framed picture of me with some sweet South African kids I met when I traveled there several years ago. It’s the cards that my family and friends sent me over the year that I have plastered on my wall as a reminder that I am loved. It’s the framed picture and friendship quote that my best friend mailed me in Florida for my birthday when we couldn’t see each other for almost a year. All of these things put together, surround me and remind me that although I am in a different state from my family and childhood friends and everything familiar, this dorm is my home too.Whatever makes you happy, whatever you are passionate about, display it in your dorm room. If you are a total history buff, bring your favorite collector’s item or that poster of your favorite president hanging on your wall at home. If you are going to be a mechanical engineer because you grew up watching NASCAR with your grandfather and now you want to know everything about cars, bring that autographed Dale Earnhardt, Jr. ball cap.  While you are shopping for dorm supplies this summer, don’t forget that after you buy that comforter in your favorite color and a comfy mattress topper to ease the transition to a plastic mattress, you need to pack a few treasured mementos to hang on the wall or display on your desk. These little things will make all the difference in the world.

Jun 5, 2014
Dorm Decor

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