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Feb 8, 2020
Dorm Decor


Four Simple Ways to Make Your Dorm Feel Bigger
Image courtesy of Home Improvement Base.

The space provided in college dorm rooms is not very ideal. Typically, two people are sharing a tight space with everything they brought from home and furniture as well. This can cause the dorm room to feel small and cramped, which can cause stress and feeling overwhelmed.  The last thing as any college student wants to feel while in their own space is stress. Thankfully, with different items and storage space techniques, there are ways to make the room feel more spacious.  



Well-placed mirrors can do wonders. 

Ask any interior designer the key to making a room look bigger, they will without a doubt say mirrors! Below are four options for mirrors that work well in dorms and provide more space.

Vala Floor Mirror and Accessory Holder 

A full length mirror and a place to hold storage all in one.Image courtesy of Macy's. 

This 71 X 4.5 X 48 inches mirror works very well in smaller spaces. This is a regular reflective mirror that includes a clothing rack and accessory tray. This gives users access to everything they would need when getting ready for class in the morning or a night out on the town.

Placing the Vala Mirror in a corner works great in tighter spaces. This will allow users to create their own personal dressing area, no matter how small the room may be. There are multiple other options for placement as well. It really is up to the user on how they want to use this dorm mirror. 

Hub Floor Length Mirror with Storage

This mirror fits perfectly in a corner while still hiding items such as towels on it.Image courtesy of House Beautiful. 

Everyone has that chair or corner in their room that tends to pile up with dirty and clean clothes. This vanity style dorm mirror functions as an item to look at yourself before heading out the door and for storage that visitors do not need to see. Clothes for the next day or shower towels fit perfectly behind the mirror on a four-rung ladder. Thanks to the functionality, this black rubber rimmed mirror, it is very easy to fit into different spaces in a room. 

Hub Circle Wall Mirror

With the correct lighting, this mirror can trick the human eye.Image courtesy of Pinterest. 

A mirror like this might look familiar as sometimes circular mirrors are at the end of driveways. This HUB dorm mirror is something a little different than what most people are used to seeing, but is still able to blend into other decor as well. 

The way this mirror is shaped makes the appear bigger due its reflective surface that allows the light to bounce around. An extra perk about this mirror is the rubber rim gives it a modern yet industrial look. 

24-Inch Circle Wall Mirror

An industrial look that works with a more modern room.Image courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond. 

This modern circular mirror is similar to one above just smaller. While also enhancing space in a smaller space, this mirror blends in with the walls giving it a modern flare. Before leaving for class or going out, look at yourself in this mirror for the best looks!  

Contrasting lighter colors is an effective way to make a small dorm room look bigger.  Image courtesy of College Fashion.


White/Light Coloring Decor

A not so well known fact is that white and other light colors such as blue and green make a room look bigger. While it is an optical illusion, it fools the human eye. Light colors are more reflective which makes the room feel more open and airy. On the other hand, darker colors such a black tend to absorb light which makes the room feel smaller. 

Other than making the room feel bigger and airy, light colors are more inviting and comforting to humans. To have the most amount of space possible in a dorm, use lighter colors on sheets and blankets. Since the walls in the dorm are already white (most likely), the walls already appear further back due to their color. 

White and lighter color decor can be found at stores such as Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. 

In this photo, both types of stripes are utilized. The comforter and rug have vertical stripes and the pillow has horizontal stripes.Image courtesy of AliExpress. 



Stripes on clothing may not be the most flattering thing, however, that is not the case with bedroom decor. Do not be shy and really let personality come through with your decor. Horizontal and vertical stripes both work in a dorm room, but just in different ways.

Typically, horizontal stripes can widen and narrow a room visually. Curtains, towels, and wall decor with horizontal stripes. Some people may even choose to hang a horizontally striped tapestry on their wall to make the room look bigger and it is a good backdrop for photos as well.

On the other hand, vertical stripes will allow a low ceiling to feel higher. The most common place to vertical stripes in a room is on wallpaper, but since students are not allowed to put up their own wallpaper in their dorm rooms, there are some other options. Blankets work well with vertical stripes and so do some curtains. 

Linen and white curtains that allow natural light to enter a room.Image courtesy of West Elm. 



Nothing something most people think of.

The kind of curtains hanging up in a room can really help make the room appear bigger.  The best way to do this with curtains is choosing a light colored curtain and light feeling fabric.  Colors such as white and light gray work well for curtains.  Just like the color of bedding, lighter color curtains do not absorb like darker colors do, and make the room feel more airy and open.

Some fabric options for curtains include linen, polyester, cotton, and silk.  Each of those fabrics allow for natural sunlight to enter the room and create natural light within the space.  Lastly, also fabrics mentioned are easy to care for.  

Example of bed risers. This shows where the bed would be placed in the holes of the bed risers. Image courtesy of Home Depot. 


Bed Risers

Having enough storage space is a must when living in a small space and bed risers do the trick. Bed risers go under each leg of the bed and are made of sturdy materials such as metal and wood so no need to worry about them falling or the bed slipping. 

Bed risers give students a few extra feet off the ground to stack more storage underneath their beds. Students are also able to the height they want for their bed risers and they come in different options for height. 

This may not seem like a lot of room will be added, but a few extra feet can really go a long way, especially when stuffing food under the bed is required

Before feeling like it’s the end of the world when seeing your new dorm room, think of all the options there are to visually enhance the room. Without a doubt, these options will not disappoint. 

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