You did it! You’ve survived your last finals, checked off all the requirements, and are now ready for your winter commencement ceremony. Before you celebrate all of your accomplishments, be sure you are set to walk the stage. This list will help you prepare for your December graduation!

1.   Complete Your Paperwork

Many schools require you to “apply” for graduation. This enables the registrar or administration to review all the courses you took to ensure you completed all the requirements. If you are unsure of what you need to do, check with your advisor so they can walk you through the steps. You can also check your online student portal or student handbook for guidance when you are lost on where to begin the process.

2.   Clear Up Any Fines

One of the most common reasons students are kept from walking across the stage is having a fine or an outstanding bill. This can range from unpaid tuition, overdue library books, or even a parking ticket! If you suspect you owe, check with your university’s administrative offices to see if you need to pay.

3.   Update Your Resume

Now that you’re graduating, you can officially change up your resume! Take out the line about “anticipated graduation date” and replace it with “graduated!” Once complete, be sure to send your newest version to people you have worked or networked with. This includes internship supervisors, mentors, fellow alumni, or even professionals you met at lectures or meetings. It’s never too early to start your job search starting off with a spiffy new and complete resume.

4.   Know Your Dates

Once you get the A-Okay to graduate from the higher ups, be sure to start marking your calendar. Many schools have various important milestones, such as ordering cap and gowns or picking up tickets, that cannot be missed. Note dates like rehearsals, dinners, and ceremony arrival times. All of this can mean a busy and hectic December, but you can get through with a little advance planning and organization!

5.   Send Your Invites

Can’t forget to mail out announcements and invitations! Your family and friends will want to participate in your big day, even if that means watching a live stream online. If you’re having a party to celebrate, this is the best time to finalize your plans and make any necessary reservations.

6.   Stock Up on Graduation Goods

Spend a moment to think past graduation! How are you going to display your diploma in your new office or apartment? Items like diploma frames and display boxes are a great way to show off all you have done in the last four years. While you’re stocking up, pick up alumni spirit wear such as mugs and t-shirts!

7.   Pamper Yourself

Finally, it’s time for graduation day. Treat yourself to a great manicure and pedicure, along with a trip to the hair salon for a new ‘do. Purchase a new suit or dress to go under your gown. And make sure your shoes are comfortable as well as stylish. Your December graduation is a day you will never want to forget, and you should be sure you’re looking your best for it!

Nov 30, 2015
College Life

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