We all know that finals are slowly creeping up on us whether we like it or not. I know it can be a drag, but I have a few tips on how to prepare for finals and make the whole experience a lot easier for you. They  are 5 daily  habits  I like to brush up on  to get myself in a good routine a few weeks before finals begin.

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1. Sleep Early- This is very difficult to do especially with our generation carrying objects that can easily distract us with a click of a button. I suggest to keep laptops, iPads, iPhones, etc. as far away from your bed as possible. Try to get at least a minimum of 7-8  hours of sleep a day. It has been proven that your brain works better with a good amount of sleep.Things that can help you go to sleep early-

  • Drinking tea before bed (chamomile)
  • Reading
  • Relaxing music
  • Guided sleep meditation apps

2. Stay organized-   I know that if I do not make checklists for my day I will literally not get anything done. Try to use your calendar, agenda, even your phone to make daily check lists for yourself. You can also make it fun by color coordinating certain tasks or subjects! I also know I cannot get anything done with a messy room so try to keep your room clean during the day so you can have a clear mind with no distractions.


3. Eat Healthy- This is one thing I know that impacts my day. Eating healthy helps me stay active during the day instead of feeling groggy and tired.  Make sure to eat a well balanced meal daily. Don't forget to take  your daily vitamins as well and you will notice a big change! Be sure to drink lots and lots of water.


4. Exercise- Staying physically active is a great way to clear your mind before the day. Believe it or not it can actually give you more energy throughout your day. Exercising also helps you get a deeper sleep at night. I like to do a little running and yoga during the week. Find an exercise routine that fits you and your schedule! To make things easier you can also find an exercise buddy to help keep you accountable.


5. Breathe- There is a lot pressure in school and it so easy to get overwhelmed by all the tests, assignments, and projects... So when you get a little overwhelmed stop whatever you're doing  take 10-15 minutes to just breathe, relax, and maybe meditate!Last but not least don't forget to smile and laugh, I know that is so cheesy but sometimes we get caught up in the stress of school and forget to just be in the moment! We aren't going to be in school for the rest of our lives so we should appreciate and enjoy every moment of it.

I hope these tips helped a little!

What are some strategies you use that help you prepare for finals?

Thanks so much for reading!

with so much love,


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(All Photos on this post are taken and owned by Alisa Nappa)

Dec 2, 2015
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